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Pompano Beach, Florida Hit-and-Run Injures Five People

A Pompano Beach, Florida hit-and-run incident left five people with injuries on Wednesday, news sources report. Among the injured was a two-year-old child, who was rushed to the hospital with unspecified injuries following the crash. No names have been released, but reports suggest the hit-and-run driver is a 23-year-old woman. Police are currently conducting an investigation to determine the exact cause of the crash. So far, no charges have been filed.

According to reports, the accident occurred on Wednesday on an unspecified road in Pompano Beach. The defendant reportedly had a dispute with someone in a group of around 20 people standing in the street. It is not yet clear why the people were standing in the road, nor is it known whether the dispute occurred while the woman was driving or at an earlier time. Whatever the case, sources say the defendant “accelerated into the crowd” and ran into as many as five pedestrians before fleeing the scene.

A two-year-old child was transported via helicopter to a nearby hospital following the accident; it is not clear what sorts of injuries the child suffered from. Paramedics also transported two adults to a nearby hospital for treatment, and treated to others at the scene. A police spokesperson said that officials expect all of the victims to survive their injuries.

Detectives later caught up with the defendant and brought her in for questioning. It was not immediately apparent what the defendant’s motives were for driving into the crowd of people, only that she had argued with someone in the crowd. Police say they are still determining what charges to press.

A recent study by the Florida Highway Patrol has highlighted the ever-growing problem of hit-and-run accidents in South Florida. The FHP study showed there were 7,857 hit-and-run accidents in Broward County in 2012, 8% more than there were in 2011. Overall, Broward County ranked second overall in South Florida for hit-and-run accidents. Miami-Dade County scored first, with 12,831 hit-and-run accidents in 2012. “Broward and Miami-Dade add up to nearly 20,000 hit-and-run crashes out of the state’s 69,994 crashes last year,” an FHP spokesperson said. It is not clear what steps are being taken to lower this number.

In other news, an elderly woman may have been the victim of a Lake Worth hit-and-run on Friday, sources report. The woman was found sitting in the middle of the street with injuries from either having been hit by a car or falling down. Details regarding her identity were not immediately available following the incident. Police are in the process of an investigation and have not determined the cause of the woman’s injuries.

According to reports, the accident occurred around 10:00 Friday evening on Via Poinciana Street in Lake Worth. A bystander noticed the woman lying in the middle of the road and called police. Paramedics found the woman sitting upright in the street; whether this was by choice or because she was incapable of moving by herself is not known. The woman was transported via helicopter to the Delray Medical Center. Reports were not immediately able to specify the extent of her injuries.

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