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Pit Bull Attacks 4 People in West Palm Beach, Florida

Animal control authorities euthanized West Palm Beach, FL dog after it attacked four people on Thursday, according to reports. The dog was classified as vicious after the attacks, which made it ineligible for domestic ownership, and was euthanized after being taken into custody. No charges have yet been filed against the owner, who was apparently violating several dog ownership requirements.

The incident report indicates that on Thursday at approximately 6 p.m., the dog attacked its’ owner and its’ owner’s grandmother before biting a 13-year old girl’s arm on the 1300 block of 13th St in West Palm Beach. The dog was reportedly a cane-corso mix, which is a large and muscular variety of the pit bull. It is not clear whether the dog had attacked anyone before this incident. Pit bulls can be notoriously antagonistic, especially when not cared for or socialized properly early in life.

Someone called authorities, who responded to the scene along with paramedics. The 13-year-old girl required immediate treatment for her injuries, but the two women did not require medical attention. It was not immediately clear what relationship the child had to the owner of the dog and whether she lived at the residence.

Authorities reportedly restrained the dog while paramedics evaluated the situation. The report then says that while paramedics were treating the pre-teen, the dog got away from authorities and latched on to a 3-year-old girl’s buttocks. When a firefighter tried to separate the dog from the child, he was bitten on his forearm, sustaining an injury. Reports indicate that the girl does not live at the home; her relationship to the owner of the dog is unclear.

The two children and the firefighter were transported to St. Mary’s Medical Center for treatment. The older child and the firefighter were treated and released on the same day, but the toddler had to be kept overnight for treatment for bite wounds to her buttocks and one thigh.

Palm Beach County Animal Care ad Control took the dog from the home following the incident. It was euthanized soon after. Dogs that repeatedly attack humans are considered vicious and not allowed to be kept as pets. Brain matter from the dog is being tested for rabies, said a spokesperson for the Palm Beach police.

The dog’s owner had reportedly failed to get the dog rabies vaccinations and other vaccinations; this is a violation of both state and local pet ownership laws. Some reports also indicate that the dog was not licensed, which constitutes a civil infraction. The dog may have also not been sterilized, according to the spokesperson.

“All too often, a dog is demonized, euthanized and forgotten after such a tragedy. It is human nature to attempt to blame the dog or the breed instead of looking deeper to determine how and why the incident occurred.” said Dianne Sauve of the Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control. She says that the dog’s environment and owners could have had an affect on its’ temperament.

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