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Paul Marcey of Pompano Beach, Florida Arrested for Lewd and Lascivious Exhibition

Paul Marcey of Pompano Beach, Florida was arrested Wednesday after he was accused of exposing himself at a playground in view of several children, news sources report. Marcey, 56, was booked into the Broward County Main Jail on charges of lewd and lascivious exhibition of an offender 18 or older with a victim younger than 16. It is unclear whether he qualified for bail bond. It is also not currently known whether Marcey has hired a lawyer.

According to reports, the incident occurred around 7:00 Wednesday evening at a parking lot of Pompano Beach Boulevard. There were several children under the age of nine with their parents at the playground at the time. Marcey arrived to the park from the south end of the boulevard.

Reports say Marcey approached some of the children and their parents and told them, “If you have a video camera or phone, you’re going to want to tape this.” Marcey then proceeded to pull down his pants and urinate, sources say. It is not currently known how many children witnessed the alleged lewd act. Police arrested Marcey shortly after, and he reportedly confessed to exposing himself at the playground.

In other news, David Lawrence Berger of Naples was arrested Friday after he was accused of assaulting a neighbor over a homeowners association violation, reports say. Berger, 65, was booked into the Collier County Jail on unspecified charges. It is unclear whether he qualified for bail or hired legal representation.

According to reports, Berger had been quarrelling with neighbor Mark Anthony Santos, who lives across the street from him, for a few days leading up to the attack. Berger was purportedly upset because Santos had been parking on the side of the street and had been putting his trashcans in the wrong spot. Berger claims these two actions were in violation of their homeowner’s association rules, reports say.

Several days before the incident, Berger and his wife told Santos that they were unhappy about him parking on the street and placing his trashcans in the wrong area. On Friday, days after the confrontation, Santos parked on the side of the street again, sources say.

When Santos went to get into his car, Berger came outside armed with a mallet and began banging on the roof of Santos’s vehicle. Berger allegedly punched the window and shouted expletives at Santos. Reports say Santos began to record Berger’s hostile behavior on his cell phone. A portion of the video reportedly shows Berger reaching through the car window and striking Santos.

Santos drove a few houses down to a home owned by a police officer in an attempt to escape the attack, reports say. Berger followed and, as Santos exited his vehicle, allegedly attacked Santos. Berger was arrested shortly after the incident.

Following Berger’s arrest, Berger’s wife explained to detectives that Santos had been violating the homeowner’s association rules, which led to attack, reports say. It is not clear whether Berger reported Santos to the association or took other steps to try to remedy the situation prior to allegedly resorting to violence.

Sources: 6.9.13 Marcey Lewd Exposure.pdf, 6.10.13 Berger Battery.pdf.

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