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Palm Beach Substitute Teacher Stacy Cabral Accused of Sexual Relationship with 16-Year-Old Boy

auditorium-benches-chairs-207691-300x214Substitute teacher and tutor Stacy Cabral of Palm Beach, Florida has been arrested after she allegedly engaged in a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old boy.

Cabral, 23, was charged with solicitation of a minor, electronic transmission of harmful material to a minor, authority figure soliciting and engaging in lewd conduct with a minor, and unlawful use of a two-way communication device. She was released on $15,000 bond.

According to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, Cabral was hired by the alleged victim’s mother to work as a tutor starting from May 13. Cabral was reportedly a substitute teacher at her son’s Palm Beach high school.

The victim’s mother became suspicious of Cabral’s relationship with her son less than a week after she hired her. Her suspicions were confirmed when she found text messages and pictures in her son’s phone that she believed were sexual in nature.

The mother confronted Cabral about her behavior and the messages and photos she found and told the tutor that her services were no longer needed. Cabral responded by saying:

“Yes ma’am. I am so sorry. I will stay away from you both and never speak with you again. I am quitting my job effective immediately. I am so sorry.”

Another text Cabral allegedly sent read:

“I am unfit as far as teaching goes. I do want to inform you that I have never conducted myself this way before (not that it excuses my behavior) but there was never been another child and there never will be.”

A few weeks later, the victim’s mother purportedly saw her son had taken a call from Cabral at 1:05 a.m. She tracked the location of her son’s phone and found him at Cabral’s home, where she confronted them.

When questioned by police, the teen admitted that his relationship with his tutor had escalated and that they had “feelings for each other.” He told investigators that Cabral had quit her job as a substitute teacher so that they could “continue dating.” Cabral had allegedly ordered an Uber for him that brought him to her house on the night his mother confronted them.

Investigators subpoenaed Cabral’s phone and reportedly found 94 calls and/or text messages between Cabral and the victim between May 11 and May 24. There also found over 30 images and videos of Cabral naked and masturbating. A forensic examination of the boy’s phone revealed that he had also sent nude pictures to Cabral, the police report said.

When interviewed by police, Cabral reportedly confessed to having a romantic relationship with the boy. She told police that they hugged, kissed, held hands, and had oral sex, according to the report. She also allegedly admitted to speaking for hours on the phone and their conversations would sometimes become sexual.

Cabral was arrested on August 1 and was released on bond the following day.

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