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Pain Clinic Ads Yanked from Palm Beach Schools

Palm Beach County schools made the decision in Boca Raton, Florida to pull pain clinic advertising from their campuses. Unbelievably, they had accepted $3,600 in exchange for advertising that described the pain clinic in question as a “Partner in Excellence.”

The decision to yank the ads came after a complaint was filed by an advocacy group called Parents against Prescription Drug Abuse.

As a criminal defense lawyer in the tri-county area, I can tell you that prescription drug abuse is worse today than cocaine was in 80’s. The fact that our public schools have allowed them to advertise is very scary.

Parents Against Prescription Drug Abuse said it was no different than allowing tobacco to advertise. I can tell you thats an understatement… allowing pain clinics to advertise is more like cocaine or heroin. Actually, prescription pain pills are more addictive and easier to obtain. That is why thousands of young people are arrested in Florida every year for pain pill related offenses.

More importantly, who is in charge at the School Board? Really? Pain clinics are “Partners in Excellence?” What’s next… Sex offenders to coach girl’s cheer-leading?

Clearly being a “Partner in Excellence” has no meaning whatsoever and is bestowed simply by paying your advertising bill… and a cheap one at that.

Furthermore, how was this ad sold, designed, edited, sent to publishing, proofed and then disseminated without anyone asking any questions? Advertising is not an activity performed by one person living in a cave. It involves many people who perform different functions in a process.

Why didn’t anyone in that process speak up? Why didn’t anyone raise a red flag?

This is just more evidence of how undervalued our school system really is. Its time we clean house and populate our schools with intelligent, motivated, professional people who are well paid. The cheap way out doesn’t work.

In any event, I hope you are as bothered by this report as I am. Youth drug crimes have been on the rise at an exponential rate in this area and are only getting worse. If nothing else, we should expect our schools to remain neutral and not contribute to the problem.

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