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Palm Beach County, Florida Plane Crash Injures Two

A Palm Beach County, Florida plane crash injured two on Sunday, news sources report. Information regarding the victim’s identities was not immediately available following the incident. Police are currently conducting an investigation to determine the cause of the accident. It is unclear whether any mechanical or external issues played a role in the crash. So far, it is too early to tell whether anyone will file for damages.

According to reports, the incident occurred around 12:15 Sunday afternoon at the Palm Beach County Glades Airport. The airport is located off State Road 715 in Pahokee, bordering Lake Okeechobee, and is in an area that is used primarily for agriculture. The airport is a relatively small, countryside location designed for smaller and recreational aircraft.

The aircraft involved is reportedly a single-engine model with rear propellers. It is not clear who owns the aircraft, nor is it known whether the craft had been manufactured and maintained properly leading up to the crash. The make and model of the aircraft has not been released.

The details surrounding the crash are, likewise, still not known. Palm Beach County Fire Rescue was reportedly called to the scene, where they found the craft flipped completely over at the end of the runway. Two people were reportedly in the plane at the time of the crash. It is not clear whether the plane was attempting to land or to depart the airport.

The victims did not remain earthbound for long. Reports say they were air-rushed to the St. Mary’s Medical Center for treatment. The extent of their injuries were not clear.

Plane crashes, while less frequent than car crashes, account for a handful of injuries in South Florida every year. This is especially true of smaller, private aircraft. In February, four people were injured after their airplane’s engine failed and plunged the vessel into the ocean off Biscayne Bay, sources report. The victims were not publicly identified; they sustained minor injuries and were treated at an area hospital. It is unclear whether faulty manufacturing played a role in the crash.

Reports say the incident occurred on a Sunday afternoon in February. Sources say the plane departed from an airport in Hollywood and was headed to another port in Key West. The Cessna aircraft was flying over Biscayne Bay, only a few miles from the shore of Key Largo, when its back right engine lost power, sources report. The plane reportedly fell from the air and landed in the water below, near Homestead Park.

The four victims were taken to a nearby hospital. Thankfully, all of their injuries were considered minor, reports say. It is not clear what the outcome of the investigation into the accident revealed, nor is it known whether anyone lawsuits resulted from the crash.

The Federal Aviation Part 121 Regulation necessitates that aircraft owners regularly maintain their planes. If the engine failure was due to poor maintenance, the plane’s owner could be liable for the crash. If the failure was manufacturer related, the manufacturer could be considered at fault for the crash.

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