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Oxycodone Wholesaler’s License Suspended Over South Florida Sales

The DEA recently suspended the license of Harvard Drug Group, LLC due to questionable oxycodone sales to South Florida pain clinics. According to the DEA, 39 of HDG’s 50 largest purchasers are located in South Florida.

To be clear, even though this suspension involves the DEA, no arrests have been made.

Federal officials claim that HDG distributed more than 13 million doses of oxycodone over the past two years. While the DEA claims that this amount “doesn’t indicate anything nefarious,” a review of HDG’s records showed that large amounts of pills were going to offices with a small amount of doctors. This grabbed DEA’s attention.

At the end of the day, this is just a drop in the bucket of a greater tsunami. The pill craze is much bigger and more widespread than cocaine ever was.

Want to know the difference? Pain pills are not illegal! You don’t have to cook them up in secret drug labs or smuggle them into the country in duct taped bricks. They are manufactured here in the United States by legitimate pharmaceutical companies.

This means the production, distribution, and sales of these pills results in fewer arrests and less drama on the news.

That means all the wild shoot outs, cigarette boat chases with the Coast Guard, and secret laboratories are non-existent. You don’t see it. Instead, you only hear of the user who gets busted with a little bottle and no prescription or the guy caught hustling a few hundred pills here and there.

In the old days of coke wars, the public saw more of the epidemic because so much more of the trade was illegal and was controlled by criminals. When it comes to pills, most of the product cycle is legitimate and lawfully conducted… so it doesn’t make the news as much as coke did.

But you should not be fooled. The legality of these pain pills is exactly what makes them so accessible. Besides, when was the last time your health insurance paid for a line of coke? For those who have it, health insurance will even pay for your pills. I have had clients who can get high all month long on a mere $10 copay.

At the end of the day, oxycodone abuse is a mega-epidemic that is ruining thousands and thousands of lives every year.

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