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Osagboro Khalid Sameem of Davie, Mark Anthony Hansen of Hollywood, and Romondo Dean Ivey of Miami, Florida Arrested for Assaulting a Hospital Patient

Mark Anthony Hansen of Hollywood, Florida; Osagboro Khalid Sameem of Davie, Florida; and Romondo Dean Ivey of Miami, Florida were arrested recently for allegedly assaulting a disabled patient at the South Florida State Hospital in 2014. The three men were employed by Correct Care Recovery Solutions, which operates the State Hospital of South Florida. They each face one count of abuse of a disabled adult.

Sameem, 47, was arrested on August 27 and was released on $3,500 bond; Hansen, 54, was arrested on Sunday and released the following day after also posting a $3,500 bond; and Ivey, 34, turned himself in on Monday and was ordered to be held in lieu of a $15,000 bond. It is unclear if he has managed to post bail. News sources did not name lawyers for Hansen and Ivey.

According to court documents, the three men purportedly assaulted a disabled patient at a Pembroke Pines facility belonging to the South Florida State Hospital on June 7, 2014. The patient, who has only been identified by the initials C.S. for privacy reasons, had reportedly attacked a female nurse, which prompted the three men to allegedly assault him. Reports from the Pembroke Pines police show that the nurse did not seek charges against the patient.

C.S. was a psychiatric patient who had been diagnosed with mild mental retardation, schizophrenia, and other disorders. An unidentified witness told investigators that Ivey, Hansen, and Sameem allegedly kicked C.S. in the head after the nurses had left the room. Ivey also purportedly beat C.S. with a broom from a janitor’s cart while Hansen squirted a cleaning solution onto C.S.’s face, causing him to cry out in pain.

Surveillance footage taken from the hallway outside the room where the incident allegedly occurred shows the three accused entering and leaving of the room together. Ivey can reportedly be seen exiting the room with a broken broomstick. He was allegedly overheard asking Hansen if he thought “the camera got” him.

The trio left C.S. in the room with an unnamed patient who also reportedly assaulted him. Court records say the surveillance footage shows C.S. trying to get out of the room only to get dragged back in, away from the camera’s view. He is later seen stumbling out of the room with a swollen and red face and a bloody towel in hand.

C.S. told the hospital’s psychiatrist that staffers wearing blue uniforms “attacked him with sticks” together with other patients, but he was unable to name his assailants. C.S. was only able to identify Ivey, who denied the allegations.

According to the charging document, Ivey, Hansen, and Sameem stand accused of willfully abusing a disabled adult with the intention of causing injury. A spokesperson from Correct Care Recovery Solutions told news sources that the three men haven’t worked for the company since 2014.

Source: 9.13.16 Hansen Sameem Ivey Assault.pdf