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Oneal Ron Morris Arrested in Broward County, Florida Again for Performing Toxic Butt Injections

Oneal Ron Morris of Broward County, Florida has been arrested for a second time, this time in Broward County, FL, after three more alleged victims came forward claiming that Morris had pretended to be a nurse and injected them with a toxic blend of cement, sealant and other household cleaners. Counting the previous allegations, Morris now faces five counts in connection to the scheme.

The 31-year-old, who was born a man but identifies as a woman, was arrested and taken to Broward County Jail on Monday on charges of unlicensed practice of medicine, among others. She is currently free on $8,500 bail bond.

Authorities are not sure how many victims Morris treated with her allegedly botched injections. Many are reportedly too embarrassed to come forward because of the personal nature of the injections. Morris allegedly performed injections to augment the face and buttocks, among other body parts, to people who didn’t want to pay full price for silicone injections. However, those who are suffering from Morris’ injections have been encouraged to come forward and find personal injury attorneys to help them find restitution.

The three new cases that have emerged are similar to the first set. Both women claim that Morris, who customers knew as Duchess or Goddess, wore a nurse uniform with and ID tag and plastic gloves when performing the injections, which led them to believe that she was credible. One plaintiff, 36-year-old Tiffany Kennedy, told authorities that she was hospitalized on May 19, 2009, just three days after she received 14 injections in her buttocks from Morris for $1000.

Another plaintiff, 31-year-old Lournise Linton of Tampa, reported that she had paid Morris $3,500 for 22 injections in her buttocks on May 29, 2009. The procedure was performed in a Motel 6, located at 825 E. Dania Beach Blvd in Miami. “It looked good and felt good for a year or so, but then I started to have discolorations,” she told the press.

Linton says she started coughing up blood one day about a year after the surgery, fell unconscious and was rushed to the emergency room. Linton ended up suffering from serious respiratory complications and infections, and doctors found bathroom caulk in her lungs while performing an examination. She has to be hospitalized for three weeks and had two surgeries to drain liquid from her buttocks. She is still receiving around-the-clock care several years later. She says that her illness has kept her from working and that her home was recently foreclosed upon as a result.

The last alleged victim of the charges of Monday’s arrest is Ophelia Parker, 36, of Vero Beach. She told investigators that she paid $3000-$4000 for 12-14 injections in her buttocks. Soon after the procedure, her buttocks became black and swollen. Parker says that when, concerned, she contacted Morris, Morris suggested she treat the problem with bleaching cream. Parker reports that she subsequently visited a doctor, who told her that he could not remove the toxic substance because of the large quantity of it present in her system. Parker says that her buttocks is permanently scarred, and her doctor reported that the deformity is likely irreversible.

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