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Nicholas Adams Files Civil Lawsuit in Florida Against Taurus International for Injuries Caused by Defective Taurus Pistol

Nicholas Adams of Fort Campbell, Kentucky, is the second person this year to file a civil case against Taurus International for the gun manufacturer’s alleged defective trigger design, which reportedly caused Adams severe muscular damage. Adams’ lawsuit implies that the gun maker knew about the Taurus PT 24/7 Pro’s defect but didn’t adequately warn its consumers.

According to news sources, the alleged injury occurred in October 2014. Adams was stationed in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, when his .40-caliber semi-automatic pistol fell off a shelf and discharged a round when it hit the ground. The discharged round reportedly hit Adams’ left hand and knee, causing him extensive bone, muscle and nerve damage.

A similar suit was filed by the parents of Nelson Martinez Jr. in April this year. Court documents show that Martinez bought a Taurus PT 24/7 earlier this year and experienced a trigger malfunction at a Florida gun range that caused the handgun to fire multiple rounds when he pulled the trigger once.

Martinez reported the incident to Taurus, which requested he send the gun in for repairs. The gun maker later sent the pistol back to Martinez stating that the defect had been fixed. A month later, Martinez reportedly dropped the gun and it discharged, fatally striking him.

Two other lawsuits were filed against Taurus in Florida last year by Jason Friend and Donald Dewayne Simms Sr. with allegations of similar defects involving Taurus handguns. Simms told news sources that his handgun discharged after he bumped the magazine well, shooting him in the hand, continuing through his wife’s arm and fatally wounding his 11-year-old son.

Friend’s handgun purportedly discharged after it fell out of its holster and hit the ground. It struck Friend in the leg, causing him severe muscle, nerve, bone, and tissue damage.

Simms and Friend’s cases have been held up in Florida courts since last year and an official trial date has yet to be announced. Taurus has attempted to have both cases dismissed, but its requests for dismissal have been denied. All four cases are asking for unspecified funds plus attorney fees.

Taurus has already settled a $239 million product liability class action lawsuit in federal court for its alleged gun design flaw. Owners of defective handguns can submit claims at a settlement website that was established as part of the agreement.

Source: 10.15.16 Adams Civil Lawsuit.pdf