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Nelson Humberto Guerrero of Miramar, Florida Arrested for Aggravated Assault

Nelson Humberto Guerrero of Miramar, Florida was arrested Saturday after he allegedly assaulted and later kidnapped his mistress, news sources report. Information regarding the victim’s identity was not released given the nature of the crime. Guerrero, 28, was booked into the Broward County Main Jail on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, aggravated battery to cause bodily harm or disability, kidnapping, and inflicting bodily harm upon or terrorizing a victim. He is being held without bail bond. It is unclear whether Guerrero has hired an attorney.

Guerrero has been married since 2003. Guerrero and his wife share a home together in the 8700 block of North Sherman Circle. The wife has not been identified publicly; she is not facing any charges at this time. According to reports, Guerrero has known the victim for nearly two decades and the two had been in an extramarital relationship for the past several years.

Sources say the incident started on April 23 at a motel in Hialeah. Guerrero and the victim were in a room together when they started to fight about “[Guerrero’s] infidelity and continued involvement with his wife,” a police report says. The argument eventually became physical.

Guerrero allegedly bit off a “chunk” of the victim’s genitals, reports say. The victim suffered a great deal of pain following the alleged bite and wanted to go to the hospital. However, Guerrero would not allow her to leave and would not get her medical attention because he was afraid he would be arrested, reports say. Instead, Guerrero reportedly called his wife and explained what had occurred. Reports say Guerrero arranged to bring the victim to his home in order to treat the wound.

Guerrero brought the victim to his home and kept her there for nearly a week, sources say. During her time at the home, the victim said she would be beaten if she asked to leave or tried to escape. Reports say Guerrero pointed an AK-47 at the victim’s face and threatened her, pulled her hair so severely that it became knotted and had to be cut, and beat her various times. At one point, reports say Guerrero stabbed the victim in the hand while she was taking a shower. Sources say the victim was assaulted in a number of ways, including having a cigarette extinguished on her face and arm.

The victim was somehow able to flee the home on May 1. She was later taken to the Memorial West Hospital for treatment. Detectives spoke with the victim at the hospital and she told them of the kidnapping and the abuse. “[The victim’s] injuries appear to be consistent with what she alleges occurred,” a police spokesperson said. It appears as though the victim will recover from her injuries.

Reports say police executed a search warrant on Guerrero’s home following the allegations. During the search, they seized an AK-47 with two full magazines, a .380 handgun, four steak knives, drug paraphernalia, and various bottles of peroxide and rubbing alcohol, sources say. As Guerrero is not facing gun charges, it seems as though he owned his weapons legally.

Source: 5.14.13 Guerrero Kidnapping.pdf.

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