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Michael Paul Sibelle of Wilton Manors, Florida Arrested for Aggravated Battery

Michael Paul Sibelle of Wilton Manors, Florida was arrested Thursday after he allegedly stabbed his boyfriend with a fork, news sources report. The 65-year-old boyfriend, who reports did not identify by name, received medical attention for three separate stab wounds following the incident. Sibelle, 45, was booked into the Broward County Main Jail on charges of battery on a person 65 or older and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. His bail bond was set at $25,000. So far Sibelle does not appear to have commented publicly on the case, nor has he hired a lawyer to do so.

According to reports, Sibelle and his domestic partner moved to Florida nine months ago. Prior to that, they had lived in Seabrook, New Hampshire and Lynn, Massachusetts. Reports say the two men have been in a relationship for 17 years and this is not the first time Sibelle fell into trouble on domestic assault charges. A Broward County judge mentioned two previous cases domestic violence in Sibelle’s criminal record; however, the details of those cases are unclear, and both instances occurred outside of Florida.

This latest incident began around 5:00 Thursday evening at Sibelle and his partner’s home in Wilton Manors, reports say. The couple had allegedly gotten into an argument, which eventually led to Sibelle picking up a fork and using it as a weapon. According to reports, the victim was sitting when Sibelle came up to him and stabbed him three times in the leg. Sibelle had also injured the victim’s left earlobe during an earlier argument, and again pulled on it during this latest altercation, causing it to bleed, sources say.

Police arrived at the home and took Sibelle into custody. During his arrest, Sibelle reportedly admitted to the assault, saying, “I stabbed him with a fork.” Paramedics treated the victim for stab wounds to his right leg and bleeding to his left earlobe.

In a court appearance the next day, a Broward County judge ordered that Sibelle have no contact with the victim and remain 500 feet away from him until the case is resolved. “It does look like there’s ongoing violence within the relationship,” the judge said. “Allegedly you stabbed him three times in the leg [so] he had to be taken to the hospital, and you bit his ear.”

In more South Florida news, Gernard Keiwon Clark, a registered sex offender living in Port St. Lucie, was arrested Friday for failing to register his Facebook page with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, reports say. Clark, 38, was booked into police custody on a charge relating to that failure. It is unclear whether he qualified for bail or hired legal representation.

According to Florida state law, all sex offenders must register their instant messaging usernames with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The law allows caseworkers to better monitor sex offenders online and protect possible victims from online predators. While Facebook is not an instant messaging service per se, it does provide its users with such a service.

A Port St. Luce Officer reportedly found Clark’s Facebook profile during a routine checkup of the county’s sex offender registry. Reports say officers crosscheck the sex offender registry with Facebook accounts to ensure there are no unregistered sex offender profiles online. After finding Clark’s profile, police arrested him at his home on the 2600 block of S.E. South Blackwell Drive.

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