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Michael Haimes of Coral Springs, Florida Arrested for Animal Abuse

Michael Haimes of Coral Springs, Florida was arrested Tuesday after he was accused of performing a lewd act on a dog, then killing it. Haimes, 29, was booked into Broward County Jail on multiple charges, including sexual conduct with an animal and bringing about the cruel death and pain of an animal. His bail bond, which reportedly has not yet been posted, was set at $100,000. It is unclear whether Haimes has retained a private criminal defense lawyer.

Reports say police first responded to the incident on Tuesday after they were called to Haime’s home in the 5300 block of East Leitner Driver for a “mental illness” report. When they arrived on the premises, the detectives reported smelling something that reeked of a corpse in the early stages of decomposition. This prompted the investigators to check a nearby patch of woods, where they found a deceased white dog.

When the officers questioned Haimes about the dead animal, he allegedly admitted that he had sexually assaulted the creature. Haimes reportedly claimed that the animal sustained some blood loss after the illicit contact. Afraid that someone may find out about the intercourse, Haimes purportedly killed the dog by cutting its throat, then disposed of the body in the woods. It is not clear if the dog belonged to Haimes before its demise.

Reports indicate that Haimes may suffer from a mental illness, though the details of his case are not known. During a Wednesday court hearing, a Broward County Judge ordered that Haimes submit to psychiatric evaluation. In addition, the judge also set terms that say Haimes must wear a monitoring device and not interact with any animals in the event he is let out of jail.

Canines have been surprisingly prevalent in South Florida news lately. Kenneth Parkerson of Coral Springs, Florida was arrested after the presence of his dogs led police to believe he had been watching a woman undress. Parkerson, 31, reportedly fled the scene but left behind his two dogs, which were wearing collars inscribed with his information. He was booked into Broward County Jail on a string of charges, including repeated voyeurism and two counts of burglary. His bail was set at $100,000. It is unclear whether he has hired legal representation.

Reports say that this is not the first time Parkerson had been accused of watching women at their homes. In May 2010, one of Parkerson’s neighbors accused him of secretly recording her with a video camera as she sat on her home’s patio. She then alerted her spouse – identified as a Pembroke Pines firefighter – who chased and held down Parkerson until police arrived.

In this more recent incident, Parkerson was out of jail and wearing a court-ordered ankle monitor. He allegedly cut the ankle device off and left his home with his two dogs. At one point along the 100 block of Southwest 89th street in Coral Springs, Parkerson allegedly hopped a residential divider and started to spy on a bathing woman. However, the victim spotted Parkerson and alerted her husband. Police responded to the scene, but the voyeur had escaped. The detectives located two dogs, both marked under the ownership of Parkerson, who he later claimed had been stolen.

According to media reports, Parkerson pled no contest to the charges brought against him in a court on Wednesday. Sources say that he could face as many as 37 years behind bars, with a minimum sentencing of 45 months.

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