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Michael Florenco, Geoffrey Shaffer, Matthew Moceri of Fort Lauderdale, Florida Police Force Face Arrest

Michael Florenco, Geoffrey Shaffer, and Matthew Moceri of the Fort Lauderdale, Florida police force are facing potential arrest after an internal investigation reportedly revealed that they were involved in several instances of falsifying police reports, sources indicate. Florenco, Shaffer, and Moceri were all the subject of an in investigation conducted by the FBI and Browar County officials. It is not clear whether any of the potential defendants has preemptively retained a private criminal defense lawyer.

The trio, all former members of a division of Broward’s Street Crimes division called the Northwestern Raiders, has reportedly been let go of as a result of the investigation. However, it does not appear as though any charges have yet been filed. Shaffer has been with the department for six years, Moceri for seven, and Florenco for thirteen, according to sources. Reports indicate that one of the major allegations against pertains to two former defendants, Dieudson Nore and Junior Jerome. Althoguh Moceri and Florenco were investigated, they were reportedly not charged with participation in the alleged misconduct.

Jerome, 25, and Nore, 22, were arrested for cociane possession and delivery after an ncident at a Red Roof Inn Hotel located at 4800 North Powerline Road in Fort Lauderdale in August 2010, according to news reports. The police report purportedly states that the Northwestern Raiders went to the location after receiving a tip from an anonymous source and that Jerome was observed dropping a container of cocaine that was eventually shown to contain about one gram of the drug. The report also alleged that nearly $300 was recovered from Jerome’s car.

The charges against Nore and Jerome were dropped, and althogh the police department does not appear to have provided a reason for this, it is believed that surveillance footage recovered from the hotel contradicted the police report. According to one news source, a confiential informant reported that the police report was proved to be an “absolute fabrication.” The video has not been released to the public.

Another news source claims that the trio was investigated in relation to the arrest of Kenneth Gerard Post, a 49-year-old area resident who was charged with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer, burglary, vandalism, resisting arrest with violence, and aggravated fleeing in late 2009. The police report prepared by Florenco reportedly stated that Post boke into a bar at a Hilton Hotel located in Fort Lauderdale, stole “hundreds of dollars” worth of alcohol, put the bottles in his car, then drove into a security golf cart while fleeing. The report apparantly stated that after a police chase, Post attemted to get away from police by ramming a police vehicle.

After Post claimed that he was not guilty of the charges, and investigation reportedly revealed that his car, which according to the police report had sustained damage, was not damaged at all. One of the police cars was reportedly dented, but sources indicate that the dent may have been caused by running into a pole. The charges against Post, according to reports, were eventually dropped.

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