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Michael Csernik of Marathon, Florida Arrested for Felony Drug Possession

Michael Csernik of Marathon, Florida was arrested Saturday after authorities allegedly found a felony amount of marijuana stashed away in his home at the Keys RV Park, news sources indicate. Csernik’s live-in son was not arrested, though it remains to be seen whether police believe some of the drug was his. Csernik, 77, was booked into police custody on charges of possession of marijuana with intent to sell, possession of a felony amount of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia. It is unclear whether he has qualified for bail bond. It is also not yet known whether he has hired an attorney.

Csernik attracted police attention when a resident at the Keys RV Park, located off Overseas Highway, called in to report that a suspicious number of vehicles were visiting Csernik’s home. An officer visited the residence and knocked on Csernik’s door, but no one answered, reports say. Sometime later, police received a call from Csernik himself, who reported that nearby residents were taking pictures of the vehicles of visitors to his home. When the officer asked Csernik why so many cars were visiting the home, Csernik reportedly replied by saying he has many acquaintances.

Suspicions aroused, an officer was dispatched to Csernik’s home. According to reports, Csernik agreed to have the officer search his home and even signed a form consenting officially to the search. During that search the officer reportedly located three baggies containing marijuana in a family room. In the bedroom, the officer allegedly found seven more baggies of the drug, along with a scale that people reportedly use to weigh marijuana. In all, reports say the officer seized 110 grams of marijuana from the man’s home. Csernik reportedly had over $1,000 in his pocket during the search.

Following the search, Csernik admitted that all the drugs were his and that his 51-year-old son had nothing to do with the marijuana, sources say.

In other news, officers in Hillsborough County, Florida announced the arrests of nine people believed to be involved in a cockfighting ring, news sources indicate. The arrested parties have not yet been identified publicly and were apparently apprehended Tuesday at a home in Hillsborough County. It is not yet known whether the defendants hired lawyers or if they qualified for bail.

Reports say the alleged incident occurred Tuesday morning at a home in Hillsborough County. It is unclear how the officers learned of the alleged cockfighting ring, but sometime that morning officer arrived at the home to find a group of people observing a cockfight. Police say several of the suspects escaped arrest by fleeing the scene, but nine people were placed under arrest. A number of cages and roosters were located within the home; reports say some of the birds were dead when the officers arrived.

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