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Miami International Airport Mover Derailing Injures Two

A Miami International Airport (MIA) Mover train derailed on Sunday, injuring two passengers, according to news reports. The two passengers in question were reportedly treated on the scene for minor injuries, but the derailing has caused problems for passengers trying to get to their flights, sources indicate. Investigators are purportedly still trying to determine the cause of the derailing. As of now no criminal action is suspected, although only a completed investigation will reveal whether any charges are forthcoming.

According to news reports, the derailing occurred just before noon on Sunday at the airport. The monorail system is a year old and reportedly cost approximately $270 million to build. It is not clear whether there have been problems such as this with the system in the past. The monorail is meant to transport airplane passengers to terminals and is free for passengers to use.

Reports indicate that at the time of the derailing, there were twelve passengers aboard the train. Ten of the passengers were unhurt. None of the passengers’ names or ages have been released.

“The MIA Mover had some type of malfunction. So, right now we’re investigating what happened,” a spokesperson purportedly told the press. Airport clientele reported that the airport did not specify the nature of the malfunction. “They just said it was down. They didn’t say it derailed or anything. That’s really scary. Now I am a little scared to take the monorail,” one woman who had just landed at Miami International Airport apparently told a reporter.

According to news reports, passengers were forced to take shuttles to their terminals to avoid missing flights, turning what was supposed to be a short train ride into a long wait. Passengers lined up to board shuttles complained of having to wait for half an hour or more, putting them at risk of missing flights. The mover remains out of order as airport workers continue to perform repairs and attempt to determine the cause of the derailing.

The Miami International Airport derailing was one of several major headlines in area news today. Another big story was that or Robert Anderson and Lawrence Clark, two Miami area solid waste employees who were arrested on Friday for bribery. The pair was reportedly apprehended after authorities accused them of bribing a resident to perform a pickup. The men were arrested on one count of bribery each and booked at Miami-Dade County jail, where they were later released on $7,500 bond each, sources indicate. It is not clear whether either defendant has retained a private criminal defense lawyer.

According to news reports, Clarke, 41, and Anderson, 29, were apprehended after an area resident cooperated with an undercover operation involving area police. The resident contacted authorities after his daughter-in-law reportedly informed him that Anderson and Clarke had asked her to pay $250 for a trash pickup. She purportedly informed her father-in-law that Anderson had initially asked fro $1,000 but that when she told him that she could not afford to pay that much, he lowered the price to $250. Nether the woman nor her father-in-law is named in publicly available reports.

According to the press, the father-in-law waited with marked bills at a meeting point and paid the two defendants. When authorities stopped the defendants, they allegedly found the marked bills in their possession. Anderson and Clarke were reportedly arrested on the spot.

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