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Miami, Florida Collision Sends Car into Wendy’s Building; Injures One

A Miami, Florida car/tractor-trailer collision sent a car into the side of a Wendy’s fast food building on Saturday, injuring the driver, news sources report. Neither driver was identified publicly following the crash. The car’s driver, age 28, sustained minor injuries and was treated at a nearby hospital. Police are currently conducting an investigation into the crash. So far, no charges or citations were filed. It is unclear whether anyone will file for damages.

According to reports, the accident happened around 4:00 Saturday morning at the red-light intersection of Biscayne Boulevard and Northeast 79th Street in Miami. The Wendy’s structure is located only a few feet from the intersection. The tractor-trailer was eastbound on Northeast 79th Street approaching the intersection, while the Honda Elantra was northbound on Biscayne Boulevard. It is not clear who had the right of way.

Reports say the Elantra collided with the tractor trailer and veered off the street and towards the Wendy’s. The Elantra collided with a guardrail and partially penetrated the Wendy’s building. The guardrail prevented serious damage to the building, sources indicate. No one in the Wendy’s building was injured.

Following the crash, the Elantra’s driver was taken to an area hospital, where she was treated for minor injuries. An update on her condition was not immediately available at press time. The tractor-trailer’s driver was not injured, sources say. An investigation is ongoing; no one had been charged or cited at this time.

Intersections have proven to be very tricky to navigate, even for seasoned drivers, and are host to millions of car crashes annually. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, 44% of all traffic related injuries occurred at intersections in 2007. What is more, 8,703 were killed in accidents at intersections that year. 17% of those fatalities represented motorcyclists, 13% pedestrians, and 3% bicyclists; the rest were reportedly car, truck, and other closed vehicle drivers and passengers.

Collisions with buildings happen surprisingly often, since buildings are often very close to the road and the slightest misstep can send a vehicle barreling into one. Earlier this month, Maseloin Login allegedly collided with a Miramar storefront, sources report. Login sustained minor injuries in the crash; sources say she may have mistakenly hit the accelerator instead of the break pedal. Police are still investigating the incident and have not charged Login.

Reports say the crash happened at around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday at a plaza on Pembroke Road in Miramar. The name of the store was not immediately available in reports. Sources say Login was pulling into a parking space out front of the store when she accidentally pressed on the gas pedal instead of the brake. Her sedan then accelerated through the glass storefront, sources indicate.

The storeowner was inside the store at the time and narrowly avoided injury as merchandise fell from the shelves. “I was shouting ‘Please turn off the engine,’ then she turned off the engine,” the storeowner reportedly said. “Two or three people came and took her from the car.”

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