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Miami-Dade County, Florida Hit-And-Run Driver Leaves One Dead, Another with Vehicle Damage

Miami-Dade County, Florida: One person was killed in a hit-and-run accident Sunday when a car allegedly collided with his bicycle, news sources indicate. The deadly crash occurred moments after the same driver hit a vehicle; it is unclear whether the driver of either vehicle was injured. Police seized the hit-and-run vehicle later the day sources say. An investigation into the two accidents is ongoing and there have been no arrests so far. None of the parties involved have been identified by name in news reports.

Reports say the first accident occurred in the westbound lanes of Ives Diary Road just before 3:30 on Sunday morning. When the victim’s vehicle approached the intersection of Interstate 95, the suspect’s black Dodge Charger crashed into it, sources say. It is not clear whether the crash occurred during a lane change or due to swerving or some other factor. Investigators say that the suspect fled the scene immediately after the collision, but not in time for a clean getaway. “As the driver fled the scene, the victim followed him and was able to obtain a partial tag,” a police spokesperson said.

The victim continued to pursue the suspect along the westbound lanes of Ives Dairy Road until he encountered a mandatory stop at the 1300 block of Ives Dairy Road. “[The suspect] fled, trying to get away from the victim, and continued westbound where he was involved in another accident,” the spokesperson said. According to reports, the driver collided with a bicyclist on Ives Dairy Road near Northeast 13th Court. The bicyclist was traveling in the westbound lanes of Ives Dairy when he was hit, reports say. Following the accident, the suspect got away.

Reports say the bicyclist died at the scene. One of his friends told reporters that the victim had been headed to a store when the suspect struck him. The friend described the victim as a Navy veteran in his 40s.

Police later found and seized the black Dodge Charger that allegedly hit both of the victims. It is not yet known whether they have identified the suspect, but authorities are optimistic about making an arrest soon. “I think, with the information we have, perhaps we’ll be able to end the investigation as quickly as possible,” a spokesperson with the Florida Highway Patrol said.

In other accident-related news, a motorcyclist in Palm Springs was sent to the hospital Saturday after a two-vehicle accident, reports say. Rescue workers transported the victim to Delray Medical Center with unspecified injuries. The driver of the second vehicle was not at the scene when police arrived; an investigation is underway.

Reports say the crash occurred around 7:30 p.m. on Saturday evening near the intersection of Purdy Lane and Military Trail. Rescue workers arrived on the accident site and found the victim incapacitated in the center of the street. The victim was transported to Delray Medical Center via helicopter following the crash; his current condition is not known. Police are still searching for the other driver. No charges have yet been filed.

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