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Mexican Telenovela Star Pablo Lyle Accused of Punching, Killing 63-Year-Old Man in Miami, Florida

aggressive-anger-angry-163431-300x200Mexican telenovela star Pablo Lyle is accused of punching and knocking out 63-year-old Juan Ricardo Hernandez in a Miami street on March 31.

Lyle was arrested on Monday morning by Miami police and charged with battery. He posted $5,000 bond Monday and was given permission to fly back to Mexico. Attorney information was not immediately available.

According to the arrest report, the incident occurred on the Dolphin Expressway. Lyle’s brother-in-law, who has not been identified, was reportedly driving Lyle to Miami International Airport with his family.

The brother-in-law mistakenly exited the Dolphin Expressway and entered the northbound lanes of NW 27th Avenue. He told investigators that he drove across the lanes of 27th Avenue in order to make a u-turn back to the Dolphin Expressway. He cut off Hernandez in the process.

The brother-in-law reportedly said he apologetically waved at Hernandez. The two men then stopped at the side of the road on NW 27th Avenue and 14th Street for reasons that are not clear. Hernandez purportedly got out of his vehicle and walked to the driver’s side window of the brother-in-law’s vehicle and started pounding on it with an open hand.

Lyle and his brother-in-law told investigators that they were both in fear for their family’s safety. The brother-in-law got out of the vehicle to tell Hernandez to stop. He reportedly noticed his vehicle rolling toward the intersection, so he ran back to the car to stop it.

The brother-in-law told investigators that he didn’t see Lyle punch Hernandez, but he did see him run back to the car. Lyle allegedly told him to “drive away.” The brother-in-law said he noticed Hernandez was unconscious on the street as he made a U-turn.

Hernandez suffered a brain injury and was “unresponsive” at the time when Lyle was arrested. He was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he died Thursday after his family agreed to take him off life-support machines.

In the official arrest form, Lyle, who is one of the stars of “Mi Adorable Maldición,” claimed “he was in fear for the safety of his family. [Lyle] said that he exited the vehicle to confront the victim, to protect his family.”

But a video of the incident obtained by The Miami Herald purportedly contradicts that claim. It allegedly shows Lyle running toward Hernandez as he was walking back to his vehicle. Hernandez turned to face Lyle and raised his hands. Lyle then punched him in the head and Hernandez collapsed, unconscious.

After reading The Miami Herald report, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Lisa Walsh said Friday that the circumstances of the case have changed because Hernandez has died. Enhanced charges will likely be filed against Lyle and his travel order will be rescinded. The Miami State Attorney’s Office said it will wait for an autopsy report before filing additional charges.

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Source: Mexican telenovela star ran 9 steps to punch 63-year-old man, who later died, video shows

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