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Mary Suppa LaPeter of Hollywood, Florida Arrested for Driving Under the Influence

Mary Suppa LaPeter of Hollywood, Florida was arrested Sunday after she was accused of performing dangerous stunts using a damaged jeep in a residential intersection, news sources report. LaPeter, 51, later admitted to consuming alcohol prior to the accident, sources say. She was booked into the Broward County Main Jail on charges careless driving and driving under the influence, but was later released on her own recognizance. Reports did not say whether LaPeter has lined up a criminal defense attorney .

According to reports, LaPeter is a manager at a hair salon in Hollywood. The salon has not commented publicly on the incident, but so far it does not appear as though it has terminated LaPeter’s employment either. Reports say LaPeter has no criminal history and no infractions on her Florida license.

The incident occurred around 10:00 Sunday evening at an intersection in the 3600 block of South Flamingo Road. An officer near the intersection reportedly saw LaPeter driving her Jeep Liberty, which had no front right tire and damage to its front end. LaPeter was allegedly doing “donuts,” or driving in tight circles, in the center of the intersection.

The officer pulled the vehicle over and spoke with LaPeter. A police report says LaPeter slurred her words as she told the officer that she was unaware of where she was and had no idea the jeep was missing a tire. LaPeter also reportedly said she “wasn’t injured during the course of performing donuts and did not believe she was at any point involved in a crash.”

LaPeter told police that she had consumed two beers prior to the incident. “I had too much to drink, I am drunk, I am sorry,” she reportedly told the officer, adding, “I don’t go out much, I am sorry.” It is not yet known whether the jeep lost the wheel while LaPeter was driving in circles or during a prior accident.

In other news, Kathryn Wright of Palm Bay was arrested Thursday after she allegedly drank two water bottles full of diluted vodka while chaperoning her grandchildren’s field trip, news sources report. Wright, 58, was booked into police custody on charges of disorderly conduct and battery. It is unclear whether she qualified for bail or hired legal representation.

According to reports, Wright was one of several family members who volunteered to chaperone a school field trip to Wonder Works on Thursday. However, before embarking on the trip, Wright allegedly filled two water bottles with diluted vodka and marked the lids with her first initial. Wright reportedly consumed both bottles of alcohol during the trip.

The other chaperones realized something was not right when Wright began to fumble around the bus and shout expletives at the other volunteers, sources say. “Get the f*** out of my way or else,” Wright allegedly told one volunteer who attempted to placate her. Police responded to the scene and found the two empty bottles in the garbage; a police report said they smelled of alcohol.

One volunteer stated that the school was planning to “have a guidance counselor come in the next day to talk to the kids and explain what happened,” because the incident made some of the children uneasy. However, it does not appear as though anyone was hurt.

Sources: 3.26.13 LaPeter DUI.pdf, 3.26.13 Wright Disorderly Intoxicaton.pdf.

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