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Marjorie Maradiaga of Key West, Florida Arrested for Domestic Battery

Marjorie Maradiaga of Key West, Florida was arrested Tuesday after she was accused of attacking her former boyfriend and his brother, news sources report. Maradiaga, 24, was booked into police custody on charges of domestic battery, battery on law enforcement officers, resisting arrest with violence, child neglect, and violating a domestic violence injunction. It is unclear whether she qualified for bail bond. Reports did not specify an attorney for Maradiaga.

According to reports, Maradiaga and her former boyfriend have an 11-month-old daughter together. Sometime after the pair split up, the victim filed a domestic violence injunction against Maradiaga, though the circumstances surrounding the injunction remain unpublished. Maradiaga also reportedly threatened her child’s life recently. “The [victim] said Maradiaga threatened to drown their daughter several months before and he said he fears for the child’s safety,” the police department purportedly stated via e-mail after the incident.

The altercation occurred around 9:00 Monday evening at the victim’s home in Key West, sources say. Maradiaga and the victim got into an intense argument, and Maradiaga reportedly ended up chasing the victim down the street. When she caught up to him, she bit and punched him in the back, reports say. Maradiaga also allegedly assaulted the victim’s brother.

Officers arrived at the home and found Maradiaga holding her daughter, sources say. Maradiaga appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and had slurred speech, reports indicate. She reportedly refused to hand over her daughter, and police took the child from her. Reports say Maradiaga then resisted arrest and “violently struggled” with the officers.

Once in the police cruiser, officers reportedly had to restrain Maradiaga’s feet due to violent kicking. Officials at the county jail had to take similar actions, placing Maradiaga in a restraint chair, reports say.

In a more bizarre case, Mariela Abarca and Janel Vega of Miami were arrested in Big Pine Key for allegedly breaking into a home to warm up food and watch television, a press release says. Abarca, 27, and Vega, 22, were booked into police custody on charges of trespassing, burglary, and criminal mischief. Abarca faces and addition charge of possession of marijuana. It is unclear whether they qualified for bail or hired legal representation.

According to reports, Abarca and Vega went out for a drive in Miami with no set destination in mind. They ended up on Croton Lane in Big Pine Key and found a nice house, sources say. Drawn by the home’s hammock and proximity to a canal, the two women allegedly decided to sit on the porch and eat some food they had with them.

Abarca and Vega made sure no one was home and tried to open the sliding glass door next to the porch, reports say. It opened and the women went inside, reportedly to warm up their food and watch television. A home manager noticed the women inside the home and called police.

Police arrived on the scene and apprehended Abarca and Vega. A small pouch containing marijuana was found in Abarca’s pocket at the time of her arrest.

Sources: 5.28.13 Maradiaga Assault.pdf, 5.29.13 Abarca Vega Burglary.pdf.

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