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Manuel Angel Rolon, Bret Alexander Rule, Dodie Allyson Albritton of Port Charlotte, Florida Arrested for Drug Possession

Manuel Angel Rolon, Bret Alexander Rule, and Dodie Allyson Albritton of Port Charlotte, Florida were arrested Monday after they were allegedly found in possession of a significant quantity of powdered methamphetamines, news sources indicate. Police also reportedly discovered some of the drug stored in an infant’s shoe in the suspects’ vehicle. All three suspects were charges with possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia; Rolon faced an additional charge of driving with a suspended license. It is not yet known whether any of the suspects has qualified for bail or hired a lawyer.

Reports say the incident occurred around 9:30 Monday evening when an officer with the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office noticed a silver Mercedes SUV driving erratically, repeatedly swerving and striking a curb. The officer pulled the vehicle over and found Rolon, Rule, Albritton and her baby inside the vehicle. Rolon reportedly confessed, when pressed, that he was driving with a suspended license and that his license had been suspended three times in the past. The officer then ran the plate number on the SUV and found that it was registered to a different vehicle, a white Chevy, reports say.

His suspicions sparked, the officer requested that the occupants exit the vehicle for a search, report say. Rolon reportedly had $790 in cash in one pocket and a zip lock bag containing white powder in another. The powder reportedly tested positive for methamphetamine following the incident. The officer then search Albritton and found another plastic bag containing meth inside of her bra, sources say. Inside the vehicle, the officer purportedly located another 1.7 grams of meth inside a one-year-old infant’s shoe. The shoe was inside Albritton’s handbag and was not on the child during the search sources say.

The child’s father reportedly has custody now, though reports say the Department of Children and Families is investigating the incident. Albritton has not been charged with child abuse or neglect despite the alleged findings.

In other news, Bernardo Lecaros of Delray Beach, Florida was arrested Tuesday when he was accused of using a counterfeit $100 dollar bill to pay for a drink, reports indicate. Police later found that he had another 19 reportedly fake bills on his person. Lecaros, 32, was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail on charges of possessing fake money and cocaine. He was later released on a $2,000 bail. It is unclear whether he has hired legal representation.

Reports say the incident occurred around 12:00 Monday morning at the Sandbar bar in Delray Beach. There, Laceros reportedly purchased a drink and went to pay for it with a $100 bill. The bartender, however, noticed something suspicious about the bill and contacted the police shortly after.

Officer arrived on the scene and inspected the bill, which turned out to be forged, reports say. The detectives then searched Lecaros and found another $1,800 worth of counterfeit $100 bills in his pants. “Inside [of one] bill was a white powder that I recognized to be powder cocaine,” a police report said. It is not known if the substance was tested following Lecaros’ arrest.

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