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Man Arrested in Oakland Park, Florida for After Surgery on Dog Goes Wrong

After his friend’s dog escaped through a fence, suffering a large gash on its chest, William Jones, Jr. thought the right thing to do was apply glue to the dog’s wound. However, when the dog escaped through the same hole in the fence a second time, the gash worsened. This time, Jones is said to have nixed the glue and opted instead to perform an amateur surgery on the dog’s wound.

Using a needle threaded with dental floss, Jones allegedly tried to stitch the dog’s wound together after administering a muscle relaxant. To keep the dog from kicking and squirming, Jones allegedly applied a chloroform soaked rag to the dog’s muzzle. The dog stopped breathing and died shortly thereafter.

Jones is presently facing two counts of felony animal abuse. Presumptively, he is being charged with one count for gluing the wound and a second count for trying to sew it up.

I wish I could explain some form of a brilliant legal strategy here, but Jones doesn’t really have one. The only thing working for him, would be a lack of eye witness testimony. However, it is unclear whether or not Jones made any incriminating statements or gave a confession to detectives from the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

Either way, lets face it – this guy is a complete moron. I am sure he will claim that he had good intentions and was trying to help the animal. But frankly, all he will do is reveal how intellectually challenged he is. Any argument by defense lawyers that he is mentally incompetent or insane likely lacks merit as well.

Jones’ actions were not crazy, they were cruel.

While he may have tried to fix the dog’s wounds, he did so without regard for the fact that he would likely kill or seriously maim the animal. There is little doubt that a Broward jury would sympathize with him or believe that he was acting altruistically.

If anything, the jury will sympathize with the dog and wonder why Jones didn’t take the animal to the humane society or to a veterinarian – even if he did not have the money to pay for a vet’s help. To pick up a needle and dental floss is just beyond the scope of anything a reasonable person would do.

Assuming he has no criminal history, Jones will likely be placed on probation and be forced to pay the dog’s owner restitution for the value of the dog.

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