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Madison Hair of Sand Hills, Florida Critically Injured in Crash

Madison Hair of Sand Hills, Florida is reportedly on life support after her car spun out on State 77 on Friday, according to local news reports. Hair, 19, remains in critical condition at Bay Medical Center, where Joseph and Kimberly Lewis, who were also involved in the car accident, were also being treated for serious injuries. The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating the accident, and no charges hav yet been filed.

According to news reports, the car accident took place at approximately 6:30 p.m. on Friday. Hair, who lives in Panama City, was driving on State 77 in her Honda Civic when, for unknown reasons, she crossed into the median and spun in front of a Toyota 4Runner driven by 38-year-old Joseph Lewis. He and 38-year-old Kimberly Lewis, his passenger, were reportedly flung in front of a Nissan Ultima driven by 31-year-old James McCallen. The Nissan and the 4Runner then collided. McCallen, who sustained minor injuries in the accident, apparantly did not go to the hospital for treatment. All of the parties involved in the crash were reportedly wearing seatbelts.

News reports indicate that although Hair is still alive and on life support, she is not expected to make it. Her family reportedly told the press that they plan to honor the 19-year-old former cheerleader’s wishes that her organs be donated if she ever met with an untimely end. “She will continue to bless others like she has blessed so many over the years. She’s such a sweet, beautiful girl,” Hair’s aunt was quoted as telling the press.
Not all traffic incidents end as tragically as this one; for instance, Ashey Anderson of Orlando was reportedly arrested after she allegedly drove drunk, although she escaped injury. Anderson, 21, was booked into prison on a charge of driving under the influence as well as felony charges of attempring to bribe a law enforcement officer. Is it not currently known whether she has qualified for bail bond or hired a private criminal defense attorney.

News sources indicae that Anderson was apprehended at approximaely 3:00 a.m. last Thursday. She was allegedly sppeding on South Orange Avenue in Orlando, going 42 miles her hour in a 30 mile per hour zone in her 2008 Nissan Altima, when a Florida Highway Patrol officer pulled her over. Anderson was allegedly uncooperative, refusing to get out of her vehicle and reaching for her ignition. The trooper purportedly claimed that he was forced to open Anderson’s car door and pull her from the car by her arm to stop her from fleeing the scene.

Anderson allegedly smelled of alcohol, was unable to stand, and had a (mostly emply) bottle of Tequila in her vehicle. She did not submit to a breathalyzer but was still arrested on a DUI charge and placed in the pack of the trooper’s vehicle. Anderson then allegedly tried to pay the trooper $3,000 in exchange for her freedom, telling him that she had once gotten out of a DUI by paying an officer $2,000. “So there’s no way I could just pay you off, even if I gave you $3,000 right now,” she was quoted as saying in local news.

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