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Luis Fabian Chirino, Juan Chirino, William Hernandez, and Guillermo Valdes Injured in Hialeah Gardens, Florida Gas Tank Explosion

Luis Fabian Chirino, Juan Chirino, William Hernandez, and Guillermo Valdes were injured in a Hialeah Gardens, Florida gas tank explosion on Thursday, news sources report. Luis sustained critical injuries, while Hernandez, Juan, and Valdes all sustained less serious injuries. Police are currently conducting an investigation to determine what factors led to the explosion. At this point, there are no reports of charges filed; it is not clear whether detectives are considering the possibility of a defect in the grill. It is unclear whether anyone will file for damages.

According to reports, the incident occurred on the 4th of July holiday at Luis’s home in Hialeah Gardens. Sources say Luis has a custom-made grill and oven outside on a brick patio in the back yard of the home. The maker of the outdoor cooking contraption has not been publicly revealed. Luis was hosting a 4th of July cookout on the patio to celebrate a son’s return from an unspecified location when the accident occurred.

For reason not yet clear, the gas tank connected to the custom-made grill exploded during the cookout, reports say. The explosion reportedly caused second-degree burns to Luis’s body “from the head to the toes.” Hernandez sustained second-degree burns on his body, while Juan and Valdes sustained second-degree burns from the waist down, sources indicate.

All four victims were air-rushed to an area hospital; an update on their condition was not immediately provided in reports. No one else appears to have been injured. Police are likely conducting an investigation to determine whether negligence or a manufacturing defect may have played a role in the explosion.

Back yards can, unfortunately, present all sorts of opportunities for injury. A one-year-old Lauderhill boy is in extremely critical condition after he reportedly fell into a backyard pool and nearly drowned, sources say. Information regarding the victim’s identity was not immediately available following the incident. So far, there have been no charges.

According to reports, the incident occurred around 7:00 Monday evening at a home on Northwest 14th Place in Lauderhill. Sources say the victim’s grandfather, aunt, and adult cousin were at the home at the time, as well as an eight-year-old sister and eight-year-old brother. The three children were playing while the grandfather took a nap when the victim somehow escaped the house unnoticed. Reports say the pool is fenced in by a makeshift gate, but the child managed to find a way around it. “There are no alarms on the doors so if a child opened a door, nobody would know if somebody had stepped out onto the pool area,” a police spokesperson reportedly said. The victim approached the pool and fell in, sources indicate.

The child was apparently in the pool for a full 15 minutes before his sister realized what had happened. The 8-year-old ran inside for help, and the victim’s aunt dragged the boy from the pool, sources say. While they waited for paramedics to arrive, the victim’s grandfather reportedly performed CPR. Paramedics later attempted CPR as well. “As we were working on the child there was no pulse,” a police spokesperson reportedly commented, although a pulse was later restored.

The victim was taken to the Plantation General Hospital’s pediatric intensive care unit. Sources say he is in critical condition and it is unclear whether he will recover. An update on his condition was not available at press time.

Sources: 7.14.13 Hialeah Gardens BBQ Explosion.pdf, 7.16.13 Lauderhill Pool Accident.pdf.

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