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Lisa Khan of Plantation, Florida Arrested for Grand Theft of an Elderly Victim

Lisa Khan of Plantation, Florida was arrested Wednesday for allegedly convincing an elderly man to give her tens of thousands of dollars, news sources report. Khan, 44, was booked into the Broward County Main Jail on charges of grand theft of a victim 65 or older. A judge ordered that she be held in lieu of $35,000 bail bond. Reports did not specify an attorney for Khan.

Reports did not specify whether Khan is the victim’s family member, friend, or caregiver, or knows him through some other means. Reports likewise did not specify the victim’s age, name, or whether he had any age-related ailments.

According to reports, the incident occurred at Bank of America’s Plantation branch on Broward Boulevard. Khan reportedly drove the victim to the bank, took him inside, and tried to convince him to withdraw money from his bank account, reports say. Several witnesses inside the bank became suspicious, and the police were called to investigate.

Detectives went through the victim’s bank records and learned that over the last several months, he had withdrawn around $35,000 from his account. Khan said the withdrawals were for the victim’s son, who is in the middle of a legal battle and needed the funds for an attorney.

As part of the investigation, the detectives searched Khan and found that she had $10,000 in cash on her person and an additional $1,300 inside her purse. When asked about the excessive amount of cash, Khan said she had been saving it up to pay her own lawyer. It is not clear whether she is also facing legal difficulties unrelated to this incident.

Detectives went to Khan’s car and found another suspect who had been waiting for Khan and the victim. Reports say the suspect was in possession of a .380 caliber pistol, which he was not legally allowed to carry. Reports did not provide that suspect’s name or say whether he was arrested.

In other news, James Hopkins of Hillsborough County was arrested Thursday after he was accused of hording a large number of cats inside his foreclosed home, reports say. Hopkins, 66, was booked into police custody on 20 counts of unlawful confinement of an animal and one count of animal cruelty. It is unclear whether he qualified for bail or hired legal representation.

According to the press, police officers discovered the cats while responding to Hopkins’s home on Annette Avenue to serve an eviction notice. Hopkins’ home had been foreclosed sometime beforehand. Reports say there were a large number of cats roaming freely inside the house when Hopkins answered the door. The officers also detected a strong stench of animal urine and feces, sources say.

Police searched the home and located 32 live cats, some of which were afflicted by fleas and upper respiratory infections. The officers also located 22 dead cats, 15 of which were inside Hopkins’ freezer. Reports did not specify a cause of death for those cats, nor did it say whether Hopkins may have frozen the animals with the intention of burying them at a later time.

Sources: 5.26.13 Khan Grand Theft.pdf, 5.26.13 Hopkins Animal Cruelty.pdf.

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