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Lennox Seepersad, Ocala, Florida Hospital Employee, Arrested for Child Abuse

Lennox Seepersad, an Ocala, Florida hospital employee, was arrested this past week after he was accused of breaking a mentally challenged teenager’s arm, reports say. Hospital staff also reportedly ignored the child’s pleas for medical attention following the attack. Seepersad was booked into police custody on charges of aggravated child abuse. It is unclear whether he qualified for bail bond. It also not yet known whether he has retained an href=””>attorney to assist him with his case. It remains to be seen whether a lawsuit will be filed against the hospital in relation to the incident.

According to reports, Seepersad works for The Vines Hospital, a mental health facility based out of Ocala. It is unclear how long Seepersad has worked for the hospital or whether he has ever been accused of abuse in the past. It is also unclear how Seepersad’s arrest will affect his position with the company. The hospital does not appear to have made a statement regarding the allegations.

Reports say the incident began Friday night, when Seepersad became upset with the 13-year-old victim. According to a police report, Seepersad grabbed the teen by the arm and pushed him to floor, then yanked the boy up off the floor by the same arm. The victim says he experienced pain in his arm following the attack, but hospital staff only gave him Tylenol and instructed him to go to bed, sources say.

The next day, a different employee at the hospital took the victim to a hospital for treatment. Doctors learned that the boy had a broken arm that appeared to have been caused by someone pulling the arm violently, reports say. The victim is now in the care of his mother. It is currently unknown whether the victim’s family will file a lawsuit against the hospital for ignoring the child’s condition following the alleged assault.

In other news, Randy Lisenby of Plant City was arrested on Saturday after he was accused of intentionally starting a fire in his home, reports say. Lisenby, 44, was booked into police custody on charges of arson, child abuse, and aggravated assault. It is unclear whether he qualified for bail or hired legal representation.

Reports say Lisenby shares a home in Plant City with a woman and her two small children. It is not clear whether Lisenby and the woman are or ever were romantically involved. The alleged incident began when Lisenby and the woman began to argue. According to the woman, Lisenby threatened to burn the home down during the argument and later doused a doorway with lighter fluid. The woman claims some of the flammable liquid splashed onto her children, which prompted her to take the kids and leave the house.

Reports say Lisenby eventually started a fire in the children’s bedroom, which scorched the floor and some blankets. Police arrived on the scene and were able to negotiate with Lisenby to leave the home as he was attempting to start another fire near the home’s back door, reports say. No one appears to have been injured in the incident.

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