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Kevin Kerlin of Jupiter, Florida Arrested for Soliciting Sex From a Minor

Kevin Kerlin of Jupiter, Florida was arrested for allegedly sending inaapropriate text messages to his friend’s teenage daughter.

Kerlin, 45, is charged with unlawful use of a communication device and solicitation of a minor. It is unclear if he has sought legal representation.

According to the arrest report, investigators found sexually explicit text messages Kerlin sent to the 14-year-old victim. Kerlin allegedly asked the teen to send him sexual pictures of herself and tried to plan a meeting when they could have sex.

Investigators also found a text message Kerlin allegedly sent to the victim’s father, apologizing for his inappropriate behavior, but denying touching her. The text message said:

“I know you must you must be so angry and disgusted with me. Just please just here me out. I know the texting was so inappropriate and wrong. But please believe me I did not lay a fingr on her. jShe did open up and talk about a lot of private stuff she has done. I should have told you immediately. I don’t know why for the life of me why I didn’t. I don’t blame you for wanting to hurt me or have me f*** up. I deserve it. I love you so much bud and I just destroyed that. I don’t known how to fix this or maybe I can’t. Could you please allow me to come down there when you find the time to talk with you. I’m so sorry. I’m a f*** idiot.”

Another case involving an adult soliciting an underage girl for sex was reported in Fort Lauderdale last month. TSA agent Gary Linder was arrested on April 4 for allegedly attempting to groom an 11-year-old girl for sex.

Linder, 27, was charged with attempted production of child pornography and transferring obscene materials to a minor. News sources did not say if he has hired a defense attorney.

According to the police report, Linder knew the 11-year-old victim through her parents. They exchanged phone numbers in January 2018 and he allegedly began sending her sexually explicit text messages. The parents discovered the text messages a few weeks later and informed the police.

A detective posing as the victim continued the alleged correspondence to gather evidence. During the time the detective communicated with Linder, he reportedly sent 1,000 texts, adult pornography, pictures of his genitals, detailed descriptions of his sexual fantasies, and instructions on female masturbation with illustrations.

Linder eventually arranged to meet the victim on April 4 at a park in Plantation in order to engage in sexual activity. He was arrested by police at the meeting place. He gave police a written confession, the report said.

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