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Bradenton, FL Medical Assistant Accused of Submitting Fake Prescriptions to Obtain a Controlled Substance

pexels-photo-208512-300x200Police in Sarasota, FL, announced the arrest of a 49-year-old Bradenton medical assistant accused of writing and submitting dozens of fraudulent prescriptions over a two-year period.

Kelly A. Gaffney is facing 241 felony charges and 26 misdemeanors, including fraud, trafficking in oxycodone, trafficking in morphine, criminal use of personal identification, and possession of prescription blanks. She is being held at Sarasota County Jail on $360,000 bond. The press did not name an attorney for her.

According to the Sarasota Police Department, the accused was a medical assistant for a doctor in Bradenton. Investigators became aware of her alleged fraud after being contacted by a pharmacist who was suspicious of the alleged medical assistant because she submitted prescriptions for herself through her employer even though she wasn’t listed as a patient at her employer’s office.

The assistant’s employer, whose name was redacted from the arrest report, was also alerted by the pharmacist. The doctor looked at her prescribing profile in the state’s drug monitoring database and discovered some of her prescriptions may have been stolen. Once she realized her assistant was responsible, the doctor called the police.

“The prescriptions were from Gaffney’s employer, but Gaffney was not an established patient with her employer,” Genevieve Judge of the Sarasota Police Department told the press. “The doctor who Gaffney worked for accessed her own prescribing profile from the Florida Prescription Drug Monitoring database after realizing that prescriptions may have been stolen.”

Investigators were able to determine that the accused medical assistant started using fake prescription slips from her workplace in April 2018. She stole prescription forms for herself and her adult son every month, according to the report. Over a period of two years, she allegedly obtained more than 5,100 oxycodone pills, 2,700 morphine pills, and 1,530 lorazepam pills.

Surveillance footage from a Sarasota pharmacy reportedly shows her using the stolen forms to fill a prescription and later pay for drugs. She was arrested at a pharmacy by undercover detectives on April 13 and was charged with multiple counts of drug trafficking and obtaining a controlled substance by fraud. Several more charges were added on April 28, including:

  • 116 counts of Obtaining or Attempting to Obtain by Fraud
  • 116 counts of Criminal Use of Personal Identification Information
  • 26 counts of Possession of RX Prescription Blanks
  • 3 counts of Trafficking in Morphine
  • 3 counts of Trafficking in Oxycodone
  • 3 counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance

Anyone accused of drug crimes should immediately consult an experienced attorney who can review their case and decide on the best course of action. For instance, trafficking is one of the most serious drug offenses in Florida courts. Someone accused of trafficking doesn’t even need to be involved in the selling, manufacturing, or delivering drugs. The act of trafficking simply means being found in possession of a large quantity of drugs. It is a first-degree felony punishable by up to 30 years or life in prison without parole depending on the facts of the case.

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