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Juan Javier Lovine and Isabel Rego of St. Cloud, Florida Arrested After Domestic Violence Incident

Juan Javier Lovine and Isabel Rego of St. Cloud, Florida were arrested Friday after Lovine was accused of stabbing his daughter with a medieval-style sword and Rego allegedly hindered Lovine’s arrest, news sources report. Lovine, 44, was booked into police custody on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, domestic violence, and attempted murder; Rego, 74, faces a charge of interfering with a law-enforcement officer without violence. It is unclear whether either of the defendants qualified for bail bond. It is similarly unclear whether they have hired defense attorneys.

According to reports, the incident occurred around 10:00 Friday evening at Lovine and Rego’s home in St. Cloud. Rego is Lovine’s mother; Lovine’s daughter and her four-year-old son were reportedly visiting the home from West Virginia. Reports did not identify the daughter by name given the nature of the case.

Lovine and the victim began arguing that evening due to a long-standing sour relationship, sources allege. Lovine allegedly shoved the victim against the wall and punched her. The victim punched Lovine in the eye in retaliation, causing him to bleed, reports say. Lovine then reportedly equipped himself with a five-foot long sword from his collection and stabbed the victim in the chest and right forearm.

Police arrived and attempted to arrest Lovine, at which point Rego got in the way. Rego later told the press she wanted to kiss her son prior to his arrest, not interfere with the process. “The [officer] stopped me,” Rego allegedly said. “He said, ‘You want to go to jail?'” The officer then arrested Rego, sources say.

Following the incident, both Lovine and the victim were taken to the Orlando Regional Medical Center. Reports say the victim’s injuries were not life-threating. When asked about the stabbing, Rego said it was an accident. “He didn’t mean to [stab her],” she reportedly said. “The police put in their [report] that he tried to kill her. That is not true. He loves her, they just don’t get along.”

Rego also said she was disappointed about the violent confrontation, sources say. “Family should not do that no matter what,” she reportedly said. “When you don’t get along with somebody, just stay away from that person. Period.”

Domestic violence cases are prevalent throughout South Florida. Earlier this year, Charlie A. Lowell, a Miami Marlins little league pitcher, was arrested after he assaulted his girlfriend, reports say. Lowell, 22, was booked into the Miami-Dade County Jail on charges of battery by strangulation. He was later released on his own recognizance. It is unclear whether he obtained legal aid.

According to reports, the incident started after Lowell and his girlfriend engaged in a verbal confrontation at around 5:30 Saturday morning. Sources say the conflict started after Lowell discovered the victim was having a relationship with another man. Lowell allegedly pushed the victim against a wall, struck her, and began strangling her, reports say. Later on, Lowell allegedly threw the victim, her belongings, and her cellphone out the front door of their home. The cellphone broke, so the victim was allegedly unable to call for help.

Source: 8.12.13 Lovine Domestic Battery.pdf

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