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Juan Herrera Diaz of Coconut Creek, Florida Arrested for Animal Abuse

Juan Herrera Diaz of Coconut Creek, Florida was arrested Thursday after he allegedly punished his pet puppy by slamming it against the ground, news sources report. The 6-month-old puppy later received treatment for a broken pelvis and is expected to make a full recovery. Diaz, 64, was booked into the Broward County Main Jail on one count of animal cruelty. His bail was set at $6,500. It is not yet known whether he has hired a hired an defense attorney.

Reports say the alleged incident occurred on New Year’s Day near Diaz’s home in the El Rancho Seven mobile home park. A neighbor claims she saw Diaz pull the puppy, a Chihuahua and Dachshund mix, into the air by its leash and then let it drop back onto the ground. The neighbor says the alleged act was a form of punishment because the animal was not complying with Diaz’s wishes. The neighbor reportedly confronted Diaz, and she says the man threatened to hit her if she didn’t stay out of his business.

The neighbor reported the alleged abuse to animal rescue volunteer Marcia Lane. Police arrived at the mobile park and placed Diaz under arrest. Lane is now caring for the puppy, who reports say is named Princess. The animal received treatment at a veterinary clinic for a broken pelvis and bruises to its neck, reports say. “She’s doing fine; she’s with me. I’m fostering,” Lane said. “I don’t think it [the abuse] was habitual. She [Princess] doesn’t flinch or show fear.”

Animal cruelty is all too common in Southern Florida. Last week, Joseph Gibbons-Nix of Hollywood, Florida, allegedly killed his girlfriends’ hamsters during a domestic dispute, according to news reports. Nix allegedly grabbed the hamsters and threw them against the floor and wall. He also hit one with a shoe, sources say. Nix was arrested on multiple charges, including animal cruelty and domestic battery by strangulation (he allegedly choked his girlfriend until she almost lost consciousness).

In other news, Charles Ross of Bradenton, Florida was arrested Sunday after he was accused of an unusual crime: giving people wedgies outside of a movie theater, reports say. Ross, 18, was booked into the Manatee County jail on charges of battery. He was later released on a $750 bail bond. It is unclear whether he has hired legal representation.

Reports say Ross is a well-known area prankster who enjoys filming himself harassing people and sometimes uploads the videos online. In one of his latest videos, the man can reportedly be seen kissing random strangers on the street; the video has nearly 400,000 views. It is not clear whether he has ever faced legal charges because of his exploits before.

This latest incident occurred outside of a Manatee County movie theater, reports say. Ross was outside of the theater reportedly pulling peoples’ underwear up out of their pants. When police arrived on the scene, they say a number of victims were too ashamed of the incident to press charges. It is unclear how many people Ross gave wedgies to, and it is unknown whether Ross filmed his alleged pranks.

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