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Joseph Hogan of Hollywood, Florida Arrested for Battery of an Elderly Person

Joseph Hogan, a Hollywood, Florida resident and war veteran, was arrested Thursday after he was accused of physically assaulting his wife, news sources indicate. It is unclear whether 70-year-old victim was injured in the alleged incident. Hogan, 92, was booked into the Broward County Jail’s medical department on one count of battery on a person older than 65. His bail bond was set at $10,000. It is not yet known whether he has hired an attorney.

The incident occurred within the couple’s home in Hollywood, reports say. The exact circumstances leading up to the alleged assault are not yet known. However, reports say Hogan knocked his wife to the ground, then pushed her face into the concrete floor. The woman was able to call the police, who in turn arrested Hogan on one count of battery on an elderly person.

Hogan appeared in court following the incident and a county judge expressed some unwillingness to book the man into jail. “The court is not inclined or comfortable jailing a 92-year-old man,” the judge said. “At the same time, this 92-year-old man now has two felony cases, and I feel that at least in the short term, it seems he’s becoming more violent.”

A spokesperson for Hogan said the man suffers from “a cognitive disorder” that may be “age related.” Hogan had been seeing a psychiatrist for the problems, sources say, but stopped because he “didn’t see any benefits in continuing those services.” A spokesperson from the Miami VA Health Care System also commented on Hogan’s treatment, saying, “under no circumstances would the age of a veteran ever impact the care we provide for mental health services.”

Hogan’s wife filed for a restraining order following Hogan’s court hearing. “I am very scared of him,” she said. “I am surprised he didn’t strangle me. This is not something that happens only to young couples. A lot of older couples are going through these same violent issues.” She went on to say that she met Hogan at the South Florida country club 11 years earlier. She did not mention whether this was an isolated incident of violence in her marriage.

This is not the first time Hogan has faced battery charges, reports indicate. In November 2011, police placed Hogan under arrest after he allegedly attacked his neighbors with a shovel, reports say. The two neighbors, both age 65 at the time, were able to parry the alleged attack using an edge trimmer and a broom, reports indicate. When officers arrived, Hogan allegedly kicked one of them. Hogan was later released from jail on his own recognizance. The trial in that case is still pending.

Police also arrested Hogan several months prior to the November incident for allegedly striking his neighbor with a baseball bat, reports say. Hogan was purportedly upset because he believed his neighbor had taken his ladder. Following the arrest, Hogan received an evaluation at a nearby mental facility. The result of the evaluation has not been made public.

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