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Jose Hernan Castellon of Oakland Park, Florida Arrested for Unlawful Sexual Activity with Minor

Jose Hernan Castellon of Oakland Park, Florida was arrested Thursday after he was accused of paying a 16-year-old girl for sex, news sources report. The girl’s mother allegedly set up the sexual arrangements; she has not been arrested, although a police investigation is currently ongoing. Castellon, 43, was booked into the Broward County Main Jail on charges of unlawful sexual activity with a minor. A judge set his bail bond at $10,000 and ordered he have not contact with the girl if he is released. It is unclear whether Castellon has hired an attorney.

According to reports, the offenses began on January 2011, after the victim turned 16. “After her sixteenth birthday was the first time her mother actually set up or arranged a meeting between her and Jose Castellon who is the suspect in this case to engage in sexual intercourse,” a Broward County Sheriff’s Office representative reportedly said. Castellon allegedly paid the girl $500 in exchange for sex at his home in Oakland Park in connection to that arrangement.

In January 2013, Castellon allegedly paid the victim around $70 to $80 to have sex with him again, this time at a Motel 6. Sources claim the mother again aided in setting up the illicit rendezvous. “The [daughter] advised that her mother organized her sexual contacts with the defendant,” reports say.

Police are still investigating the matter. The press did not immediately say whether the girl went along with the prostitution sting, or if she may have been force into it by her mother. “It is bad enough that he was abusing a minor,” a police spokesperson reportedly said. “It is horrible that her mother is who arranged it.” Reports did not identify the mother by name and it is unclear whether a further investigation will lead to her arrest. It is also unclear whether there may have been additional meetings.

In other news, Jamie Lee Ourso of Plant City was arrested Saturday for allegedly attempting to visit her brother in the Okaloosa Correctional Institute with a Xanax pill hidden in her bra, reports say. Ourso, 32, was booked into police custody on charges of smuggling contraband into a detention facility and drug possession. It is unclear whether she qualified for bail or hired legal representation.

According to reports, the incident occurred on Saturday as Ourso was preparing to visit her brother at the Okaloosa Correctional Institute, where he is incarcerated on charges that were not specified in reports. A female corrections officer was about to search Ourso when a small plastic baggie containing a pill fell from Ourso’s bra, sources allege.

The pill turned out to be a Xanax tablet, reports say. Ourso reportedly said the Xanax belonged to her and was arrested at the scene. The report did not specify whether Ourso has a prescription for the drug. Xanax is a controlled substance typically prescribed to treat anxiety caused by depression; however, many people abuse to pill to take advantage of its calming and euphoric effects.

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