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Johnson & Johnson Feminine Products Caused Health Complaints in South Florida, Elsewhere

Johnson & Johnson products have drawn the attention of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, who say that it could be responsible for health problems in U.S. regions that include South Florida, according to an announcement by the department. The Administration has reportedly accused Johnson & Johnson of ignoring customer complaints and selling products without FDA approval. It remains to be seen whether any customers that may have been harmed by the companies’ alleged negligence plan on pressing charges.

Press sources indicate that Johnson & Johnson received a warning letter from the FDA on May 22, citing 227 customer complains about K-Y Liquibeads between June 2010 and December 2011. The product, according to Johnson & Johnson’s website, is a vaginal moisturizer with a “premium quality silicone formula” that “creates a barrier that preserves a long-lasting cushion of moisture, making intimacy more enjoyable day or night.” The liquibeads, according to the FDA, were not tested adequately pertaining to shelf life and in conjunction to latex condoms. This could result in harm to consumers, including reactions to the product and unwanted pregnancy.

The FDA reportedly warned the company for failing to thoroughly investigate over 100 complaints relating to the liquibeads, some of which were not investigated because Johnson & Johnson believed the production lot numbers related to the products were invalid. It is not known if anyone in South Florida may have filed such compaints.

Johnson & Johnson has faced quite a few quality issues in recent years. It has been accused of failing to report two injury cases to the FDA: a complaint of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) related to its’ line of OB tampons, which is a serious allegation considering the fact that TSS can result in death, and a case where a customer flossing with Reach floss lost a tooth. Furthermore, the company has been forced to recall range of defective products, such as over-the-counter and prescription pharmaceuticals, in the past several years. Now, it has 15 days to respond to the FDA warning.

In other injury news, a Pompano Beach apartment fire of unknown origin reportedly claimed the life of a pet bird on Wednesday. The apartment, located at 2275 NE Ninth St in Pompano Beach, reportedly caught ablaze at approximately 9:40 in the morning on Wednesday. The apartment’s residents, a single mother with two children aged 6 and 13, were not present at the time of the fire and were therefore unharmed in the incident.

Pompano Beach Fire Rescue purportedly indicated that investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire, which is hitherto unknown. It is not clear whether the department suspects or is investigating the possibility of foul play. The one casualty of the fire was reportedly a parakeet dubbed Limey, who firefighters found dead in the living room.

The apartment was apparently completely consumed in the blaze. It is not clear what the financial repercussions of the fire may be. The family is evidently being housed by the local chapter of the American Red Cross as they search for another permanent residence.

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