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Johnny Ortiz of Miramar, Florida Arrested on Multiple DUI Hit-and-Run Charges

Johnny Ortiz of Plantation, Florida was arrested on July 6 after allegedly crashing into four vehicles on Miramar Boulevard and fleeing the scene of the accident. He is charged with a DUI hit-and-run and several other offenses for criminal traffic infractions. News sources did not specify whether Ortiz, 24, has acquired legal representation, and it is unclear if bond has been set.

According to the police report, the collisions occurred at around 4:00 p.m. on July 6. Ortiz was purportedly driving a red Toyota Corolla on Miramar Boulevard when he crashed into a Mercedes-Benz C300. He reportedly stopped his vehicle and got into an argument with the driver of the Mercedes before driving off to the east towards South University Drive. Ortiz then allegedly ran a red light and as he turned on South University Drive, he purportedly collided with three vehicles.

No one was seriously injured during the series of collisions, though one of the four drivers Ortiz allegedly crashed into, Marsha Saintil, was briefly hospitalized for a minor knee injury and acute pain in her side.

Saintil told news sources that she narrowly avoided a head-on collision with the Toyota Corolla by steering her car out of the way. She claims to have seen Ortiz collide with the other cars behind her, causing the drivers to veer off the road as Ortiz drove in the wrong lane on South University Drive.

Deputies who arrived on the scene chased after Ortiz and caught him somewhere along Miramar Parkway, half a mile from the first crash site. The officers who arrested Ortiz said he was swaying in a drunken manner when he got out of his vehicle. They also reportedly noticed a strong scent of alcohol on his breath and his eyes were red and watery.

Ortiz was put through a series of sobriety tests and was allegedly found to be under the influence of alcohol or some other controlled substance. The arrest report states that several empty bottles of rum and vodka were found in the trunk of his vehicle, including one bottle of rum that was still more than half full.

Police say Ortiz was apologetic when he was in the police car, and that he said, “I know it was my fault,” and wept. Court records show that Ortiz has a prior conviction and was on probation for grand theft at the time of his arrest.

Source: 7.7.16 Ortiz DUI Hit-and-Run.pdf

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