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John Brittle of Fort Lauderdale, Florida Arrested for Child Pornography

John Brittle of Fort Lauderdale, Florida was arrested on Friday after police officers accused him of keeping marijuana, a large collection of firearms, and child pornography in his home, according to news reports. Brittle, 42, was booked into Broward County Jail on various child pornography, firearm, and drug charges. It is not clear whether he has been granted bail bond or has retained a private criminal defense attorney to help him fight the charges.

Press reports indicate that following a search of his home, Brittle was charged with 30 counts of child pornography. He was also charged with marijuana and firearm possession, using a computer to obtain child pornography, and failure to register an email address. Brittle’s computer was likely seized by investigators and is being examined to determine whether is contains more child pornography.

Brittle is required to register his email addresses and other personal information with police because he is a registered sex offender, sources indicate. Most of the details of the previous case against Brittle, including when he was convicted, are not publicly available. One report alleges that Brittle molested a child. Brittle is not accused of harming any children in the current case.

This time, Brittle stands accused of hoarding over 200 videos depicting adults abusing children as young as two years old. The videos were allegedly stored on a computer in his home, which is located in the 2400 block of Oakland Park’s Northwest 33rd Street. Authorities were able to get a search warrant for Brittle’s home as part of an undercover investigation conducted in part by the South Florida Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. A member of the task force, who is also a Fort Lauderdale detective, reportedly found an IP address that was sharing child pornography and traced it back to Brittle’s residence.

“I suspected he was a total weirdo, but I didn’t know to what extent. His windows are all tinted out. He makes so much noise in random hours. I could hear it from my apartment at 3 o’clock in the morning,” one of Brittle’s neighbors told the press in the wake of Brittle’s arrest. Police have apparently asked Brittle’s neighbors, along with the rest of the community, to come forward if they have any relevant information.

It is not clear whether the task force was conducting a larger investigation into child pornography or if they were looking specifically for one person. In any case, officers executing the search warrant allegedly found numerous illicit videos on Brittle’s computer. A small amount of marijuana was also reportedly found in the home. It is not clear whether anyone else lives at the residence, nor is it known whether Brittle claimed ownership of the drugs or media.

Police also purportedly found what was described as “a cache of firearms” in a bedroom closet of the residence. Along with a store of hundreds of rounds of ammunition, authorities apparently uncovered two automatic rifles, two .22 caliber handguns, one 9mm handgun, a .380 handgun, and a shotgun. Media reports did not say whether the weapons were registered, nor did they disclose whether Brittle had an explanation for their presence in his home. Convicted felons are not allowed to own firearms.

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