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John Brindle, Broward County, Florida Sheriff’s Detective, Arrested for Oxycodone Possession

John Brindle, a Broward County, Florida sheriff’s detective, was arrested Friday after he allegedly used his position as a police officer to acquire oxycodone pills without a prescription, news sources report. Brindle, 45, was booked into police custody on charges of possessing a controlled substance. It is unclear whether he qualified for bail bond or hired a criminal defense lawyer.

According to reports, Brindle has worked as a detective for the Broward County Sheriff’s office in Pompano Beach for seven years. It is not publicly known if he was involved in or cited for similar activity in the past. Following his arrest, the police department placed him on unpaid suspension. The department does not appear to have made a statement regarding the allegations.

The trouble began when an unidentified person told police that Brindle was acquiring oxycodone pills from a home in Oakland Park, reports say. Detectives tailed Brindle on Friday and watched as he allegedly entered the home. It is unclear whether he was on duty at the time. Sometime later, Brindle exited the home and drove off in his black Ford Taurus, sources indicate.

The detectives stopped Brindle’s vehicle in the area of Commercial Boulevard and Interstate 95. According to reports, detectives found eight oxycodone pills in Brindle’s pocket. Detectives say Brindle had used his position as a law enforcement officer to coerce the pills from the Oakland Park resident, though it is unclear whether that resident had a prescription for the pills, nor is it known how Brindle knew the person. Further details regarding the arrest were not available Friday.

Oxycodone crimes are all too common in Southern California, where a thriving black market for the prescription drug has prompted many to try to get the drug using fraudulent prescription cards. Oxycodone is used to treat pain, but its chemical makeup is similar to that of opium and heroin.

In other news, Francine Jackson of Boca Raton was arrested Friday after she allegedly stole a diamond ring from a home she had been hired to clean, reports say. Jackson, 48, was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail on a charge of grand theft. A county judge set her bail at $2,500. It is unclear whether she has hired legal representation.

Reports say the alleged theft occurred after Carol Guerriero hired Jackson to clean her home on the 1900 block of Northeast Fourth Street. While performing her duties, Jackson allegedly took an 11-carat diamond ring from a nightstand in one of the home’s bedrooms and left before finishing her work. According to reports, the ring had an estimated value of $30,000. Guerriero had placed it in the nightstand prior to Jackson’s arrival.

Guerriero noticed the ring missing sometime later and told detectives that her housekeeper, Jackson, was the only person to have access to the nightstand. Police arrested Jackson sometime later, but it is unclear whether they recovered the allegedly stolen ring. During her initial court appearance before a Broward County judge, Jackson said she worked as a housekeeper and a nanny and only had $11 to her name.

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