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Jetta McPhee of Tamarac, Florida Arrested for Visa Fraud

Jetta McPhee of Tamarac, Florida was arrested for allegedly falsely offering over 140 Haitians jobs in the United States, news sources report. McPhee, 59, was booked into the Broward County Main Jail on charges of visa fraud and conspiracy. It is unclear whether she qualified for bail. It is also not yet known whether she has hired a criminal defense lawyer.

According to reports, McPhee conducted the fraud with help from a fellow conspirator, Marie Dorval. Dorval, reports say, has already pleaded guilty to charges stemming from the fraud and has been cooperating with investigators. It is not presently known whether Dorval helped investigators in the arrest of McPhee.

Sources say that during the alleged scheme, McPhee and Dorval contacted victims in Haiti and promised them jobs in the United States. The jobs were for a construction company and would allegedly be allotted through the H-2B guest worker visa program, a program that allows non-agricultural employers to hire nonimmigrant foreigners on a temporary basis. As part of the fraud, McPhee allegedly indicated that the Haitian victims might have a chance of attaining permanent U.S. residency during the work.

McPhee and Dorval allegedly collected fees in exchange for helping victims get these purported jobs, but in the end, the jobs never materialized. It is not clear how much the pair allegedly collected from would-be migrant workers, nor is it known how the case came to the attention of U.S. officials. McPhee has since pled not guilty to the charges against her. If found guilty, she could face up to 25 years behind bars, reports indicate.

South Florida is home to a wide variety of crimes. In another case that has been making headlines lately, the Coral Springs police department commented that former officer Remington Longstreth, who resigned from his job in 2012, would have been fired if he had not quit. Longstreth resigned only days after he allegedly masturbated in front of a woman at a gas station; the victim decided not to press charges in the case.

According to reports, Longstreth once worked as a legislative aide for a Florida state representative. He began work as a police officer in December 2007. It does not appear Longstreth has any prior arrests or accusations of wrongdoing during his time as an officer.

The alleged incident occurred in November 2012 at a Shell gas station, located on Coral Ridge Drive in Coral Springs. Longstreth was not on duty when he pulled up to a pump at the station and lowered his window. The 24-year-old victim at the pump across from him allegedly witnessed as Longstreth exposed his genitals and began to “please himself,” sources say.

The victim screamed and called 911 as Longstreth reportedly fled the scene. Reports say the victim was able to remember Longstreth’s license plate number, which she provided to police. The officer ran the tag and said, “Oh my gosh, oh lordy,” when he realized it was registered to a fellow cop, the news said.

According to reports, the officer called Longstreth’s work-issued cellphone. Longstreth answered and said he was in Boca Raton and was not sure who was driving his car. A later investigation into Longstreth’s cellphone records revealed that, at the time of that call, Longstreth was in fact northbound on Coral Ridge Drive. Furthermore, surveillance footage from Longstreth’s community home showed him arriving at the gate only moments following the incident.

Longstreth resigned from the force a few days afterwards, saying he’d “[rather quit] than be compelled to give a statement about what happened at the Shell gas station.” An internal affairs investigation, which just concluded, indicated that Longstreth would have been fired nonetheless for a “moral character violation.”

Sources: 5.24.13 McPhee Visa Fraud.pdf, 5.24.13 Longstreth Indecent Exposure.pdf.

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