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Jessica Stanley, Antavian Milton of Miami, Florida Involved in Crash; Stanley Gives Birth in Car

Jessica Stanley and Antavian Milton of Miami, Florida were involved in a collision as they rushed to the hospital so Stanley could give birth to twins, news sources report. Stanley gave birth to one of two twins at the crash site, thanks to the help of a nurse, Betty Horne, who happened to be driving behind them. No one appears to have been injured in the accident. Information regarding the other driver’s identity was not immediately available. It is unclear whether charges will be filed.

Stanley and her fiancé Milton were home when Stanley’s water broke in the early morning hours, sources indicate. Reports say she was pregnant with twins. Milton and Stanley were headed from the home, which is located in the Goulds, to Jackson South Community Hospital when the crash occurred.

The accident apparently occurred at the intersection of 152nd Street and Southwest 102nd Avenue, near Coral Reef High School, at around 6 a.m. Milton was attempting to turn from Southwest 102nd Avenue onto 152nd Street when another driver hit his car, sources say. It is not clear who had the right of way at the time.

Around the same time, Horne was on her way to work at the Baptist Hospital, where she works as a gastroenterology technician, sources say. She witnessed the crash and stopped her own vehicle to help. “I saw [Milton] jump out [of the car], frantic. He said ‘I’m gonna have a baby, she’s gonna have twins,'” Horne reportedly told the press.

Horne retrieved a towel from her vehicle and ran back to Milton’s vehicle to aid Stanley, who was reportedly lying in the reclined passenger seat. “I look and I saw the baby’s head, just the hair,” Horne reportedly said. Horne delivered the infant right there in the car, sources indicate. “I said ‘your baby’s doing fine, breathe nice and easy,'” Horne explained to reporters following the incident. “I took the baby out and [for a] second or two, the baby didn’t say anything… I took my fingers, my index fingers, and swiped the back of the baby’s mouth. He started crying.”

“It was amazing, I was on an adrenaline rush,” Horne apparently told reporters. She swaddled the baby in the towel and handed him to Stanley as rescue workers responded to the scene. Paramedics reportedly clipped the umbilical cord and took Stanley to the hospital. Stanley gave birth to the second child at the hospital via a cesarean section.

The baby born in the car, Antavian II, weighed 7 pounds and 13 ounces; the other baby, Antavian III, weighed 7 pounds and 7 ounces. The mother and her babies are in good condition, reports say.

Horne was praised in local media outlets for her brave deeds, but she purportedly told the press she was just doing her duty. “I don’t even know what a hero is. I tell you, I don’t feel like a hero. I feel that that’s something that we all got to do for each other. We all got to help each other,” Horne purportedly said to local media.

Source: 9.24.13 Stanley Pregnant Crash.pdf

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