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Jessica Harris Falls to Death at Roxy’s Pub in West Palm Beach, Florida

Jessica Harris has been named as the woman who fell to her death last night at Roxy’s Pub in West Palm Beach, Florida. This entry is being written as an update based on information that just came in.

Jessica Harris was a 39 year old home health assistant and single mother of two young girls, ages 8 and 10. According to her coworkers, Jessica was a happy, bubbly woman and they are absolutely shocked by her death.

However, according to eye witness Aaron Alexander, Jessica just leapt off the roof after having an argument with her boyfriend. Alexander claims that Jessica’s fall “Was not an accident at all.” This explanation didn’t jive well with her coworkers because Jessica had told them that she was single and did not have a boyfriend.

While Alexander may have seen Jessica Harris jump off the roof, the idea that she acted like a crazy person just doesn’t seem to jive with the other evidence in this case.

While I wonder if Aaron Alexander is connected to this woman’s death in some way other than as an eye witness, I also suspect that there was another intervening cause that lead her to jump, if that is in fact what happened.

You have to wonder why an otherwise normal woman would kill or endanger herself knowing she would leave behind two young children. This behavior is simply inconsistent with the bubbly, home health assistant known by her coworkers.

Frankly, the idea that an otherwise normal person would just jump off a building seems like absolute nonsense.

If Jessica Harris was a mental patient, a crazed drug addict, or even someone with a lengthy history of mental illness like bi-polar disorder, depression or schizophrenia, I might feel different. But for Alexander’s observations, noone would beleive a normal person like Jessica Harris would just jump off the side of a rooftop bar in the middle of a night out on the town.

As I mentioned previously, the facts of this case tell me there must have been an intervening cause.

My first instinct is to think that the nightclub sold her way too much alcohol. If so, they may be liable for what happened. If Jessica was an absolute drunk mess, the bartender should have stopped selling her drinks.

Second, I wonder if the night club sold her concoctions of Red Bull and alcohol or some other caffeine/alcohol drink like Four Loko or Monster Energy Drink and vodka. If so, they may have caused Harris to become far more intoxicated than she could have ever handled. This too may be a source of liability for the night club.

When the Palm Beach County Medical Examiner’s Office conducts the autopsy, it will certainly draw blood and send that blood for a toxicological analysis. This analysis will show how much alcohol was in Jessica’s system at the time of her death. It will also show the presence of any other intoxicants, like a date rape drug, cocaine, or LSD.

These results are important because even if Harris did jump, the nightclub may be responsible for selling her too much alcohol or selling her dangerous concoctions of Red Bull and alcohol. With all the recent information made available in the press about the dangers of mixing such drinks, the night club may be held responsible for causing the intoxication that lead to her wild behavior and ultimate death.

Ultimately, this case is at its infancy and requires a diligent investigation by capable injury attorneys. For instance, I wonder why Aaron Alexander is the only witness being interviewed by the news. I would imagine that many more people were present on that roof top. Did anyone else see what happened? Do their versions of events contradict or bolster the claims made by Alexander?

In any event, this case is clearly an odd one. Hopefully Jessica Harris’ family will recover from this loss senseless one day.

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