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Jerry Najman of Davie, Florida Arrested for Domestic Battery

Jerry Najman of Davie, Florida was arrested Monday after his former wife accused him of hurling a slice of pizza at her during a custody exchange, reports say. Najman, 53, now faces one charge of domestic battery. It is unclear if he was detained before being charged. It is also unclear whether he has retained a private criminal defense lawyer.

Reports say that Najman and his ex-wife had previously agreed to exchange custody of their 6-year-old son at a Publix supermarket each week, but had faltered on that agreement over the last few months. Instead, they were trading custody at their homes, which went against their court-ruled agreement, reports indicate. However, the mother wanted to switch back to the Publix exchange this last Monday, an idea that Najman reportedly resisted. After attempting to get Najman to meet her at the supermarket without success, “the [former-wife] eventually responded to [Najman’s] residence but was very upset at having done so,” and arrest affidavit said. The woman’s identity remains publicly unannounced.

When the victim arrived at Najman’s home, she and Najman reportedly got into an intense argument over where they should be meeting for custody exchanges. Najman then allegedly flung a piece of cheese pizza at her, which struck her in the abdominal area. She then reported the argument to authorities, who in turn charged Najman with battery. The victim did not sustain injuries in the altercation. It is unclear if the fight will affect future custody agreements.

While this appears to have been Najman’s first arrest for domestic violence, other South Floridians were arrested for repeat crimes this week. Luis Alfonso Lucero, a Kendall Regional Medical Center nurse from Miami-Dade, Florida who was arrested recently for allegedly molesting one of his patients, is facing new charges from another victim. Lucero, 37, was taken into police custody on Monday on charges of sexual assault. It is not yet known whether he has hired legal representation.

Detectives first arrested Lucero on August 28, after a female patient at the Kendall Regional Medical Center claimed that the nurse had non-consensual sex with her while she was under his care. The woman had been suffering from alcohol poisoning, and doctors put her under the state’s Baker Act for her and the hospital staff’s safety. Later on, detectives set up a monitored phone call between the victim and Lucero and reportedly recorded him admitting to the crime. The reports of the abuse made headlines throughout Miami-Dade County, and now another victim has come forward.

The other purported victim, 43, alleges that staff put her under Lucero’s supervision throughout her stay at Kendall Regional Medical Center. During that time, she alleges that the man sexually assaulted her. Though details of the alleged assault are sketchy, the victim says she came forward after she saw the other victim in the news.

“Once this aired in the media, we had an additional victim come forward and make the same allegations,” a police spokesperson said. “The information was very very similar to that first case, almost corroborated, identical.” It is unclear if any more victims may also yet come forward. The Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers have asked that if anyone was a victim of abuse by Lucero, or any other hospital staff, that they contact them immediately to report the crime.

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