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Jeremy Jarvis Pleads No Contest in Fort Lauderdale to Burglary

Jeremy Jarvis, the youngest boy arrested in the Michael Brewer burning case (who was never ultimately charged in that case), plead no contest to burglary and theft charges in Fort Lauderdale today. Jarvis, who is a 14 year old juvenile, plead before Judge Michael Orlando today.

For those who do not recall, Jarvis and another teen were accused of breaking into the home a family friend to steal a Nintendo Wii game system this past May. Upon entering the home, Jarvis was caught by a video camera activated by a motion sensor on the victim’s computer.

Judge Orlando sentenced Jarvis to an indefinite term of probation and ordered him to complete a life skills program.

Personally, I think this juvenile needs boot camp. You would think after all the trouble that his brother got into in the Michael Brewer case that he would stay out of trouble himself. Not to mention that breaking into someone’s home to steal a Wii system is so lame.

This kid is sure off to a great start in life. Where are his parents? Does he suffer from a developmental or emotional disorder? If so, he needs to get evaluated and into treatment ASAP.

If Jarvis is to have any chance at surviving in the real world, without landing a place in one of Florida’s prisons, this kid better grow up and get his act together like yesterday’s news.

If not, he is certain to get caught up in trouble that can’t resolved by a no-contest plea to probation. Jarvis’ parents would do him a huge favor by not tolerating any more problems.

Jarvis is not an under-privileged kid growing up in the projects who needs to steal to stay alive. Hopefully the life skills program he attends will teach him something worthwhile… for his sake and ours.

The last thing we need is another little criminal growing up to be an inmate.

Anyway, these are just some of the thoughts that come to mind when I see this kid’s picture on the news, yet again.

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