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Jeffrey London, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Pastor, Hit with More Molestation Charges

Jeffrey London, Fort Lauderdale, Florida pastor, was hit with more child molestation charges last Wednesday after two more alleged victims came forward. He is now accused of molesting six boys over the course of nearly two decades and is facing 30 counts of sexual battery, sexual assault, and molestation. The new charges are for three counts of sexual assault and five counts of sexual battery. It is not clear whether Mr. London has retailed a private criminal defense attorney.
London was a caregiver and guardian to 15 boys with deceased or otherwise incapacitated parents over the past few decades, and police and alleged victims are now claiming that London committed sexual offenses involving at least six of them. The first charges were made in January after a young man, now 18, told a friend at church had London had abused him. He later explained to police that he had lived with London since he was 10 years old because his mother was in financial distress. London allegedly forced the boy to perform sex acts on him in exchange for rewards such as video games or cash.

Three more victims came forward in February, saying that they had also been left in London’s care at age 8 or 10 due to parental deaths or problems. The victims reported being molested in exchange for bribes until they reached adulthood.

The two new victims are currently aged 21 and 23. The 21-yar-old told authorities that he started living with London when his mother was put in prison on undisclosed charges. London allegedly started performing and asking for oral sex acts from the victim when he was 11 years old. The victim told authorities that this happened every day until he turned 18, and that London would occasionally give him cash in exchange for oral sex.

The 23-year-old victim, on the other hand, reported that he stayed with London for three weeks in 1995 during a stint in foster care. The victim, who was 8 at the time, says that London performed and asked for reciprocal oral sex from the boy. The victim also reported that London told him that if he told anyone about the abuse, London would make sure that the boy could not return to his family.

Prior to his January arrest, London was known as a child pastor and philanthropist in the Fort Lauderdale area. He serves as the dean of students at Lauderdale Lakes’ Eagle Charter Academy from 2003 from 2009 and as the pastor at the Bible Church of God in Fort Lauderdale. He was also a counselor for the Fort Lauderdale Boys and Girls Club. Broward County Officials report that London may have also worked for other area churches and schools, although there is no record of him ever having worked for the Broward Public School System.

London was sometimes called upon to make motivational speeches because of his status, and was even featured in a special report by a local news station. “You can be the link in a child’s life that holds that life together… if you can influence one child, turn one child, from the negative to positive, then you can influence a whole generation,” London said in the report.

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