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Jeffrey London Faces More Sex Abuse Charges in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Jeffrey London, who was first arrested in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on sexual battery and other sex offenses last January, now faces a total of 15 counts after two other victims came forward. London is being held without bail bond at Broward County Jail for his crimes. It remains unknown whether he has retained a private criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer Brian Y. Silber, Esq.jpg

Both of the subsequent testimonies are, like the first, from London’s former wards. London was a well-known philanthropist in his community and had taken in 15 underprivileged boys over the years. One anonymous donor had even purchased him a house in Coral Springs in which to live with his wards.

“You’ve got to put out. You’ve got to be there for them. Love them. Discipline them. Stand by them,” he told local media when he was interviewed for his philanthropic work. “You can be the link in a child’s life that holds that life together… If you can influence one child, turn one child, from the negative to positive, then you can influence a whole generation.”

Unfortunately, it turns out his motives may not have been as pure as was originally thought. All of the accounts have been similar: the boy was taken in at a young age due to hardship, only to be sexually abused for years. The first victim to make allegations was 18-year-old who had lived with London since he was 10. His mother had put him under London’s care because she could no longer afford to care for him. He reported abuse for a decade, during which London gave him video games or money in exchange for sexual contact. He came forward with his story after he confessed the abuse to a friend from church.

The second victim to come forward on February 2nd, saying that in the 10 years that he lived with London, he was sexually assaulted twice a week in exchanged for video games or, as he got older, cash. He started living with London when he was 8 because his mother could no longer afford to care for him, according to the affidavit. The abuse started when he was 11. The victim is now 23.

A third victim then came forward, saying that he had been abused starting at 8 years old and ending when he turned 18. The now 26-year-old man reports that his mother died and London took him in, only to start sexually assaulting him about three times a week. He told investigators that his grandmother thought that London would be a good guardian because he was a youth pastor.

Authorities suspect that more allegations will come forward in the next few weeks. London had extensive contact with children. Aside from the 15 boys who he cared for over the years, London served as the dean of students at the Eagle Charter Academy in Lauderdale Lake from 2003-2009 and as a youth pastor at the Bible Church of God. He may have also worked for other schools and churches, investigators say, although there is no record of him ever working for Broward County Public Schools.

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