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Jeannette Morris, Harold Anderson, Joan Hobart of Volusia County, Florida Arrested for Aggravated Battery

Jeannette Morris, Harold Anderson, and Joan Hobart of Volusia County, Florida were arrested Tuesday after they allegedly beat a man, then attached him to the back of a truck and dragged him around, news sources indicate. Morris, 61, Anderson, 64, and Hobart, 46, were booked on charges of aggravated battery and conspiracy to commit murder. It is not yet known whether the defendants have qualified for bail bond. It is also unclear whether they have hired an attorney.

Reports say the incident began at Morris’s residence, where she lives with her ex-husband Robert Hall. The former couple was having drinks with Anderson and Hobart when Morris, Anderson, and Hobart began to assault 54-year-old Hall. The group purportedly incapacitated the victim using a stun gun and proceeded to punch him repeatedly in the face. They then allegedly bound his hands behind his back and tethered him to the back of a truck by his ankles. According to reports, the group dragged the victim down a road near the home. Afterwards, they allegedly hurled him into the trucks’ bed, sliced off some of his hair, and discussed removing his scalp and burying him, reports say.

Hall was eventually able to break free and seek shelter at a nearby home, sources say. From there, he was able to call police and report the violent attack. When police arrived, Hall was reportedly wearing nothing but his underwear and had rope around his wrists and neck. He was also bleeding from injuries sustained during the alleged attack, sources say. Paramedics took the man to a hospital in Daytona for treatment for a number of injuries, including fractures to his face, internal bleeding in his brain, and a broken pelvis. It is not clear whether Hall had any idea of why his alleged attackers harmed him, nor is it known whether he shared this information with authorities.

Police were able to catch up with all three suspects shortly after the attack. It is not clear where police apprehended the trio, but reports do not suggest that anyone was uncooperative. When police questioned Morris following the attack, there was allegedly dry blood visible on her clothes and one of her hands. She denied having taken part in any assault and claimed the blood originated from an animal attack, reports say. Police also questioned Anderson and claimed he had visible swelling and lacerations to his right hand. Reports say Anderson admitted to assaulting Hall and had a firearm in his possession. According to a police report, Anderson said it would not have fazed him if they had killed the victim.

Reports say police picked up Hobart the next day, but it is unclear whether he admitted or denied involvement in the alleged assault. All three suspects were still in jail Friday. It is unclear what the victim’s condition was on Friday or whether he was released from the hospital. An investigation into the assault is ongoing and it is not yet known whether has given a sworn statement to detectives regarding the attack.

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