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Javier Landron of Oakland Park, Florida Arrested for DUI Manslaughter

Javier Landron of Oakland Park, Florida was arrested for allegedly driving his 2008 Toyota Tundra on the wrong lane, causing a car crash that killed Audrey Williams Ives of Lauderdale Lakes on September 7 last year. He faces charges for DUI manslaughter and vehicular homicide and was ordered to be held without bond during his first-appearance court session on Tuesday.

According to the arrest report, the alleged fatal head-on collision occurred at around 5:30 a.m. Landron, 47, purportedly drove his pickup truck heading west on an eastbound lane near West Oakland Park Boulevard.

Before the accident occurred, a witness named Frankie Lane was waiting at a red light on an exit ramp near Interstate 95. Lane reportedly claimed to have seen Landron’s truck drive past him on the wrong side of the road. Lane reportedly followed and attempted to stop Landron; Lane allegedly drove on the correct westbound lane and kept pace with Landron while honking.

Lane told investigators that Landron didn’t respond to his honking and that he seemed to be making a “special effort to drive cautiously.” Lane lost Landron when he was forced to stop at another red light. When he purportedly caught up with Landron again, the tragic head-on collision had already occurred.

The victim of the crash–44-year-old Audrey William Ives–was a nursing assistant who was driving to her workplace in Palm Beach County when Landron reportedly crashed into her 1998 Toyota Camry. Broward Medical Examiner’s Office told news sources that Ives died of asphyxia caused by a blunt force injury.

When Lane arrived at the crash scene, he reportedly tried to look into Ives’ car to see if he could help, but her windows were tinted and he couldn’t see anyone inside. He then reportedly turned his attention to Landron, who he says was hysterical as he attempted to get out of his crashed pickup truck, which had a jammed door. Lane tried to calm Landron until Oakland Park Fire Rescue and paramedics arrived and pulled him out of the vehicle through one of the passenger doors, sources say.

Rescue personnel reported that Landron was not able to verbally answer their questions, despite normally being able to speak. Landron responded with a thumbs up for the affirmative and a thumbs down for the negative. When asked if he had been drinking, he wasn’t able to give an intelligible answer, sources allege.

An investigating detective questioned Landron again at Broward Health Medical Center and reported that Landron’s speech was slurred, his eyes were glassy and red, and he had a strong odor of alcohol on his person. Landron consented to a test to check his blood alcohol level, and the results showed that his BAC was 0.16, which is twice the legal limit in the state of Florida.

Source: 5.24.16 Landron Vehicular Homocide.pdf

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