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Jason Mattos-Perez Killed While Walking in Osceola, Florida

Jason Mattos-Perez was killed in Osceola County, Florida while walking on the side of the road with his wife. According to news reports, Lisa Tindall drove her car off the side of the roadway and hit Jason Mattos-Perez with her car. The car accident is still under investigation and the decision to press charges has not yet been made.Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Florida Injury Lawyer.jpg

Given the great loss suffered by Jason Mattos-Perez, his wife may have a very substantial wrongful death case against Lisa Tindall.

From my perspective as an injury attorney, I can tell you that this case will hinge on two factors. First, more information is needed about the roadway in question. From an objective standpoint, the first question that comes to mind is why were Jason Mattos-Perez and his wife walking on the side of the road?

Is there a sidewalk there? Is it highway? How far did they walk from the roadway?

Off the top of my mind, it seems a little dangerous to walk next to the road, although it is clearly not illegal.

In all likelihood, the evidence available in this case will likely prove that Jason Mattos-Perez and his wife were doing everything correct at the time of the accident.

Next, it is necessary to evaluate the actions of Lisa Tindall. Was she drunk? Why did she cause her vehicle to leave the roadway? After colliding with Jason Mattos-Perez what did she do? Did she stop? Or did she keep driving for a distance?

I also wonder how this case has affected Jason Mattos-Perez’s wife. Clearly she has lost the consortium and emotional support and love of her husband. However, she may have also lost her primary source of financial support and sustenance.

Do they have any children that have been affected as well?

Cases like these are very serious not only due to the victim’s loss of life, but for the domino effect caused on family and loved ones. Car accidents affect more than those in the cars or on the streets. They also result in practical problems for the relatives and dependents of the deceased or injured parties.

Ultimately, as an accident attorney, I suspect that this case will come down to a question of auto insurance and personal assets.

While it is clear that Lisa Tindall will likely be held accountable for this accident, the question is does she have the insurance or personal assets needed to properly compensate Jason Mattos-Perez’s wife and family?

If so, I suspect that a substantial monetary award is in order.

That is why it is so important for Jason Mattos-Perez’s wife to hire the right injury attorney. While there are many lawyers out there, there are only a few who have the right combination of experience, knowledge, and concern.

While money will never truly compensate this family for their loss, I do hope that the proper justice is served in the end. Cases like these are tragic and their effects are long lasting.

My condolences go out to the family and all those affected by this terrible tragedy.

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