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Jarden Consumer Solutions Recalls Over 600,000 Mr. Coffee Brewing Machines

Jarden Consumer Solutions, a Boca Raton, Florida-based consumer products supplier, along with U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada, has issued a recall for over 600,000 Mr. Coffee single cup brewing systems, according to a recent press release states. The recall is a result of a malfunction in the units that could cause serious burns, reports say. Overall, the company says it has received 59 reports of burn injuries related to the faulty machines from citizens across the United States. It remains to be seen if those injured will pursue lawsuits against Jarden Consumer Solutions to compensate for their injuries.

According to reports, the recalled units have a flaw that causes steam to gather in the brewers’ water reservoir. This can apparently cause the brewing chamber to blow open and spray out hot water and coffee grounds. Jarden has recorded 164 reports of this happening among consumers. 61 of those reports involved burn injuries to victim’s face, torso, and hands, sources indicate. Of those 61 reports, 59 were from the U.S. and two from Canada.

The brewing machines come in a variety of styles. It is usually black and can come with red or white detailing. The water reservoir is located at the back of the 11-inch high unit, near the top. Jarden says that the faulty units can be identified by their product numbers, which are located underneath the units. It is not yet known how many of the coffeemakers were sold in Florida. Those with the affected machines are being asked to call the company’s toll free hotline for a free replacement.

Jarden Consumer Solutions isn’t the only organization issuing recalls this month. On Sunday, Ready Pac Foods, Inc. of Irwindale, California announced a controlled recall of fruit packaged products that contain mangoes, reports say. The recall follows reports that Splendid Products recently recalled their Daniella Brand mangoes, which can be found in Ready Pac Foods’ packaged fruit products. The mangoes may be contaminated with Salmonella Braenderup, Ready Pac says; however, no illnesses have been reported thus far, and the recall is being referred to as a precautionary measure. It is not clear how the potential contamination was discovered.

Reports say the possibly contaminated mangoes were distributed throughout 49 states in the U.S., including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana, as well as certain parts of Canada. Only packages containing certain “sell-by” dates are affected by the recall. Ready Pac is asking anyone with the fruits containing the sell-by dates listed on their recall to discard the product right away and contact their Consumer Affairs Department. The company has also asked retailers to check their current stock for any of the recalled products, including shelved items and items being stored in warehouses.

Ready Pac, sources say, has previously received an accolade for their exceptional safety record over a 40-year period. The company issued this recent recall voluntarily in order to protect the health of consumers in the United States and Canada. According to Ready Pac, they are making an effort to keep in communication with all affected consumers.

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