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Jackie Cecil Allegedly Injured at Pompano Beach, Florida School; Child Abuse Investigation Ongoing

Jackie Cecil was allegedly injured at a Pompano Beach, Florida school on Thursday, news sources report. The incident occurred at Bright Horizons Center and left the six-year-old child with bruises and scrapes on his face and a laceration on his neck. Michael Oleksak, Cecil’s grandfather, suspects child abuse and says the school will not respond to his questions. Police and Broward County School District detectives are currently conducting an investigation to determine the cause of the boy’s injuries. It is unclear whether child abuse charges or a lawsuit will surface.

According to reports, Cecil is autistic, nonverbal, and suffers from epilepsy. Cecil began school at Bright Horizons Center in Pompano Beach this year, sources say. So far, the school has not commented on the case. However, a spokesperson for the Broward County School District released the following statement: “I can confirm that [Bright Horizons] and the district received notice or outreach from parents regarding the student [last week].” The spokesperson did not reveal any further details about the incident.

The school day began normally on Thursday. Oleksak sent Cecil to school on the school the bus as usual. However, a few hours later, the school called Oleksak and told him to come and pick up Cecil because he was injured. Oleksak arrived at the school and took Cecil home. As he inspected the boy, Oleksak found the injuries to the child’s face and neck. “It looked like he was beat, he was crying inconsolably,” Oleksak said.

Oleksak called the school for answers, but he says it has been nearly a week and the school has not called him back. “The frustrating thing is, you want to know what happened to your child,” Oleksak said. At some point, Oleksak called in the authorities for help. The investigation started with the bus ride the morning of the incident. Detectives watched the surveillance footage from that bus ride. “It was a normal ride, nobody hit him, nobody approached him,” Oleksak said. The grandfather says Cecil likely sustained the injuries sometime after he got off the bus and entered the school.

Oleksak said the boy has since recovered from the injuries, but says the boy is “not the same, he’s not Jackie anymore.” With no resolution in sight, Oleksak said, “I just want answers.” An investigation is ongoing.

In other news, Dale Kipp of West Palm Beach was arrested Tuesday after he was accused of sexually assaulting a nine-year-old girl, reports say. The child was in his custody during the alleged assault. Kipp, 72, was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail on two counts of sexual assault on a person younger than 12. A judge ordered he be held without bail. It is unclear whether he hired legal representation.

Reports say the incident occurred in the summer of 2012 at Kipp’s residence in the 4200 block of 123rd Trail North. The victim was staying with Kipp during that time, sources say. It is unclear what relation, if any, Kipp has to the victim. In any case, during her stay at the home, the girl alleges that Kipp would approach her while the other members of the home were asleep and molest her. The molestation occurred on at least two separate occasions, reports say.

Detectives approached Kipp, who confessed to kissing the victim, but said it was not intimate kissing. Kipp also allegedly said the girl requested that he do sexual things to her on two occasions.

Sources: 3.22.13 Cecil Child Abuse Claims.pdf, 3.22.13 Kipp Sexual Assault.pdf.

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