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Jabcol Williams Arrested for Murder in Miami, Florida

Jabcol Williams, 31, was arrested in Miami, Florida for allegedly murdering his new wife, Rhonda Mickens-Williams. He is presently being held without bond.

According to news reports, Jabcol allegedly stabbed his wife to death in front of her home located at 1842 NW First Court. Kenia Reyes, spokeswoman for the Miami Police Department, said officers described the crime scene as “gruesome.”

It is not yet known if Jabcol has retained a private criminal defense lawyer.

It is also reported that Mrs. Williams worked as a correctional officer at the South Florida Reception Center. For those that have not heard of this facility, the South Florida Reception Center is the first prison inmates are sent to upon being sentenced to prison time. From there, inmates are assigned to a regional prison somewhere in the State, depending on the their security status and how much time they have to serve.

The fact that Mrs. Williams was a corrections officer will have the effect of putting police investigators into high gear as they strive to seek justice for one of their own.

According to those who gathered outside the home on the night of the murder, there are different theories as to who may have committed this crime. Some people blamed Jabcol. Others said he and his wife had a happy marriage. Some even wondered if a former inmate had found her.

Candidly, this case is probably another example of domestic violence.

Most people do not realize that crime scenes look nothing like most of the pretend images you see on television. When a person is stabbed to death, especially when they are stabbed multiple times, the crime scene can be very gruesome. The amount of blood that comes out of a person can be horrific.

For that reason, it is clear that a person who murders another by stabbing them to death multiple times, does so out of extreme anger. Murder by stabbing is violent and it is very messy. Chunks of flesh and internal organs have been known to get thrown about in some of these rages.

The angry nature of this crime will lead investigators to the most common denominator – an angry spouse. However, before a conviction can be had, prosecutors will need to present a lot more evidence than the mere assumption that an angry husband did it.

For instance, a person is often times injured even when he is the aggressor in a knife fight. It would be interesting to know if Jacbol has any injuries consistent with the fight or if his blood is found on the crime scene.

Another interesting fact would be discovery of a murder weapon. If a knife is recovered, police may be able to secure latent fingerprints or bloody hand-prints.

It will also be interesting to know who called 911. What was said during that call? The 911 tapes will definitely play a major role in this case for prosecutors and defense lawyers alike.

Hopefully investigators would do a good job at collecting the evidence so that the perpetrator of this crime can be brought to justice and to prevent an innocent person from being wrongly prosecuted. I hope the family of Mrs. Williams is also able to recover from this horrible, horrible event in their lives.

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